IncheonSongwol-dong Fairy Tale Village (송월동 동화마을)

If you want to save money but have fun in Korea, Incheon Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village (송월동 동화마을) will be a good choice for you!

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There is no any entrance fee and time limit, so it attracts a lot of Korean go to Fairy Tale Village with their family, friends or lover! And it is next to China town. So it’s good to visit after looking around China town.

This village is real village residents live in. Just like Ihwa Mural Village (이화 벽화마을), or you can call Ehwa Wall Painting Village in Seoul. So you can meet people living there.

If you are planning to visit Incheon for Wolmido or China town, you shouldn’t miss this village! You can find many fairy tale characters in the village and take a lot of pictures!





Not only western fairy tales but
Korea traditional fairy tale paintings as well!


And you can go to China Town as well since it’s just next to the village.
You can try some Korean-Chinese food like Jajangmyoeon noodles or Jajang rice.



Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village (송월동 동화마을)

How to go
Take Line 1 to Incheon Station and get out from Exit 2.
It takes only 5mins by walk from the station to the Fairy Tale Village.

38, Donghwamaeul-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon

Free of charge


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