Incheon Chinatown – A must go place for food lover

Would you like to try some top Chinese food in Korea?

It may seem a little bit weird to try Chinese food in oversea apart from China. However, Chinese food in Incheon Chinatown is worth to die for!

I was actually not a big fan of Chinese food. My friends, in the contrary, were craving to try Chinese foods in Incheon.

We were brought to one of numerous Chinese restaurants in that area and the result was over-expected!

Normally, Jajangmyeon or blackbean noodles comes in black sauce in any ordinary restaurants. But, this restaurant serves white jajangmyeon that the taste was a little bit similar to the original one but much better!

For another thing, we all totally agreed that Tangsuyuk, Korean sweet and sour pork, there was definitely the best Tangsuyuk we had ever tried in the whole life!

After a heavy meal, we were searching for some sweet to wash our mouth, then we found as famous Imagawayaki shop named Hongdubyeong (홍두병) just in front of our restaurant. We tried all the flavors and our recommended flavor are cheese and matcha(the others were great as well but we couldn’t remember the vivid taste that much unlike these two). The price was reasonable as well: 2,000 won each.

Last but not least, the other thing that you need to try here is Mooncake. Though you don’t visit Chinatown during Lunar new year, they still sell mooncake everywhere and I personally recommend every shops as well.

Going to Incheon China Town may take around 2 hours by subway to get there. But trust me! Here is a place where you shouldn’t miss if you’re a food lover and you have a chance to visit Korea!


Incheon Chinatown

Address: Gaho-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon, South Korea

How to get there: Take a subway and hop off at Incheon station Line 1.


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