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iKON is coming back and are you ready for shouting! Briefly introduce them for whom do not know this Korean group.

iKON is a Korean boy band formed by YG Entertainment. The group’s members are seven, including B.I, Bobby, Kim Jinhwan, Koo Junhoe, Song Yunhyeong, Kim Donghyuk and Jung Chanwoo.

According to CEO Yang of YG , the “C” in “ICON” was replaced with a “K” because he expected members to be an ‘icon’ for Korea. iKON made their official debut in 2015 though, the members were well-known as Team B pre-debut because of the survival shows “Win: Who Is Next” which was aired in 2013 and “Mix & Match” which was aired in 2014.





↑ iKON Debut Full Album cover

iKON’s leader B.I was involved in the production, song and lyrical composition for all the songs in the half album release. iKON’s vocalist Koo Junhoe was revealed to be involved in the composition of “Rhythm Ta” while iKON rapper Bobby was involved in writing the lyrics to all the tracks thus far.

Full Album Tracklist
No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. “Dumb & Dumber” (덤앤더머) B.I, Bobby Future Bounce, B.I 4:01
2. “What’s Wrong?” (왜 또) B.I, Bobby B.I, Rovin 3:49
3. “I Miss You So Bad” (아니라고) G-Dragon, B.I, Bobby G-Dragon, DEE.P 3:48
4. “Rhythm Ta” (리듬 타; Rhythm Ta) B.I, Bobby P.K, B.I, Koo Jun-hoe 3:47
5. “Anthem” (이리오너라; Irioneora; B.I & Bobby) B.I, Bobby Teddy, B.I, Bobby 3:25
6. “Apology” (지못미; Ji Mot-mi) Teddy, Kush, B.I, Bobby Teddy, Kush 3:51
7. “Airplane” B.I, Bobby B.I, Future Bounce 3:36
8. “My Type” (취향저격; Chwihyangjeogyeok) B.I, Bobby, Kush Choice37, Kush, B.I 3:31
9. “Today” (오늘따라; Oneul Ttara) B.I, Bobby B.I, Ham Seung-cheon, Kang Wook-jin, Future Bounce 3:12
10. “Welcome Back” B.I, Bobby B.I, Rovin 3:33
11. “Rhythm Ta Remix” (리듬 타; Rhythm Ta) B.I, Bobby P.K, B.I, Koo Jun-hoe 3:47










Being K-pop lover, it’s time to follow iKON ^_^


Source: Wiki, YG Entertainment

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