How To Watch Music Show In Korea (MBC Music Core Edition)

For K-POP fans must have been very familiar with music shows in Korea such as KBS Music Bank, MBC Music Core, SBS Inkigayo, Mnet M! Countdown, etc. These events are ‘on duty’ to spread the latest songs from K-POP artists. In this event, fans can watch their favorite idols performances.

Before this post continues, let’s see some explanations about the Music Show below

“What’s the day and where is the Music Show?”

  • Monday: Arirang Simply K-POP서초동 아리랑 타워 (Arirang Tower Seocheo-dong)
  • Tuesday: SBS MTV The Show상암동 SBS 프리즘 타워 (SBS Prism Tower, Sangam-dong)
  • Wednesday: MBCMusic Show Champion일산 MBC 드림 센터 (Ilsan MBC Dream Center)
  • Thursday: Mnet M! Countdown상암동 CJ E & M 센터 (CJ E & M Center, Sangam-dong)
  • Friday: KBS Music BankKBS 신관 공개홀 (KBS Broadcasting Hall)
  • Saturday: MBC Music CoreMBC 상암 공개홀 (MBC, Sangam Broadcasting Station)
  • Sunday: SBS InkigayoSBS 등촌동 공개홀 (SBS Dongchon-dong, Broadcasting Hall)

“How do I get to watch the Music Show?”

There are two ways to see the appearance of your favorite artist on Music Show :

1. Pre-Recording (사전 녹화)

Pre-recording or commonly called ‘sajeon nokhwa’ (사전 녹화) is a recording process that will be edited and then aired during a live show. Generally pre-recording is held early in the morning (or maybe early morning) on the same day as a live show. Pre-recording is usually only intended for a particular artist / band who is “comeback” their new song. For you who only want to watch a particular artist / band, it is highly recommended to watch pre-recording because you can interact directly with them.

2. Live Show (공개 방송)

Live show or commonly called ‘gonggae bangsong’ (공개 방송) is a live broadcast of the music show. Unlike pre-recording that only focuses on an artist, on this live show you can watch all the performances of the artists who were guests on that day! But of course the process of being able to watch a live show is much harder than pre-recording. Registration is required on the respective Music Show website 2 weeks before the desired Live Show date, Randomly selected ticket winners.

“What is the most important thing to be able to watch a music show?”


Decide whether to join fandom or artists you really want to watch. “But I want to watch all the artists !!!” Yeah we know for sure that you want to be able to watch all the artists, but that’s the rules made by the average Music Show. Set your priorities!


To be able to watch the Music Show, it really takes a struggle especially time! As mentioned above, Pre-Recording is usually held in the morning while the live show is held in the afternoon / evening. Therefore, it takes a whole day if you want to watch the whole process. For you who want to watch while on holiday in Korea, set aside a day to watch the Music Show. Better during weekdays, because many viewers are still in school. The less the ‘rival’, the higher your chance to get into the studio!


Because it will wait in a long time, prepare food and drinks you wouldn’t starve. Not all tv stations have a reasonable waiting place to accommodate hundreds of fans. You will wait under the hot sun during the summer, also in the middle of the cold in winter. So, be prepared! Do not let your struggle make you sick! Do not forget to charge your handphone until full and bring power bank just in case you’re feeling bored while waiting. 🙂


No one knows what will happen then. Not a few who fail to watch despite waiting for hours. Do not forget to pray and Good luck!

and now, let’s visit MBC Music Core!

This time we come to watch the ‘comeback’ performance from boygroup which is currently much-loved,



We are aiming to be able to watch Wannaone’s Pre-Recording, to be more satisfied and interact with Kang Daniel, Ong Seongwo, Park Jihoon, Kim Jaehwan, Bae Jinyoung and other Wanna one members.

One day earlier we saw a post from one of WannaOne’s fanclub regarding the Wanna One Pre-Recording info:

Pre-Recording Time: 09:40 ~ finish
Check-in time (staff arrival): 08:10

Coming in the morning is recommended, but do not forget, the most important is FANDOM! The majority of K-POP artists / bands have many fans, right? Therefore in order to be able to choose anyone who is entitled to watch Music Show, enacted the rules of each fanclub.

Note: the rules can be different in each fanclub. But usually almost similar.

For example for Wannaone fans who want to watch Music Show, divided into 4 levels below:

Level 1
– Member of Wannaone Fanclub (Wannable) + carry FANCLUB + ID card
– Bringing Wannaone’s latest album
– Proof of ‘tittle song’ purchase on Melon / Mnet / etc website
– Bringing Wannaone official goods

Level 2
– Member of Wannaone Fanclub (Wannable) + carry FANCLUB + ID card
– Bringing Wannaone’s latest album
– Bringing Wannaone official goods

Level 3
– Member of Wannaone Fanclub (Wannable) + carry FANCLUB + ID card
– Proof of ‘tittle song’ purchase on Melon / Mnet / etc website
– Bringing Wannaone official goods

Level 4
– Bringing Wannaone official goods

There is also an official list, so fans who want to watch Pre-Recording must register the name / place of birth date / phone number on the link uploaded on the official website or fanclub artist in question. The function of this list is that fans will get a queue number so no need to queue up from morning, just come right time at Check-In. For fans of Wannaone, this official list applies only to fans in levels 1 and 2. So fans in level 3 and 4 will inevitably have to come early.

Just complete everything you need as you can! Because the fans who are included in level 1 will certainly take precedence over the fans in level 4 even though they come early. ‘Then the 4th level fans certainly can not watch?’ Not necessarily. There is no harm in trying even if you do not bring anything! Who knows that day is your lucky day 🙂

There are many ways to visit the MBC building in Sangam-dong. One of them with subway then get off at Digital Media City station exit 9. The road continues (pretty far away) and you will find a complex containing SBS, YTN and MBC buildings.

Tips for watching Music Show: do not shy to ask! Ask if this is the right queue, and how to get into the studio. Be confident! although you can not speak Korean, try to ask in English to the staff. Or ask for help from other foreign fans who might be able to speak Korean.

Unfortunately, we are absolutely not allowed to take photos or record video while in the studio! Never try to put out your camera or phone. Although only want to photographed studio ‘atmosphere’, if you being caught you will be forced to delete by the MBC and fanclub will get a penalty. Do not want your fanclub friends get a bad image, right? So please, be cooperative!

The Pre-Recording process lasts for approximately 1.5 hours. Because usually they’re doing rehearsal first and take many times. During that time we can feel satisfied watching oppa-oppa from close even chat as well. Like mini fanmeet 😀

This is a story about the experience of watching MBC Music Core, one of the most popular music events in Korea. Keep in mind, this post is based on personal experience. It could be different from other people’s experiences. Hopefully this post can help you who has intend to watch Music Show directly during your tour to Korea. 🙂


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