How To Watch Music Show In Korea (KBS Music Bank Edition)

KBS music bank is one of the most popular music shows in Korea. Surely many of you are wondering how to watch Music Bank live in Korea ?

If you’re interested to watch, just read the information that we will share below.

How to get KBS Music Bank tickets?

Music Bank Tickets are NOT SOLD in general. To be able to get tickets, you have to register on the KBS website and music website (for example Genie) then will be selected randomly. Or if you are a member of the fanclub artist who is in the promotion period (Come Back), you can register on their respective fanclub. Of course all of the criteria and the process is quite strict. Read this post for more information.
In addition to these ways, that doesn’t mean there is no other way to be able to watch Music Bank. For example is the experience of our friends who are very lucky to get tickets from the event held by  Korean Tourism Organization Facebook! After submitting the information as directed, all you can do is pray. Two days later there was an incoming email telling us that our chosen friend got their ticket!
Also, try to Like and keep up with the KTO Page, there will be lots of free tickets to watch other music shows like The Show, Music Core, Inkigayo, and many more.
Precisely on Friday, August 4, 2017, our friend arrived at the KBS building located in Yeoido area, Seoul. Then go hurry to re-register to the KTO Staff. You can see how the queue, right?
After queuing for about 20 minutes and re-register finally our friend can get a Music Bank ticket in hand! Yeay! Local time shows around 03.30 PM KST, there are still 30 minutes before being allowed into the studio.
VERY Important!
Audience PROHIBITED to take pictures and record in the studio using either professional camera, digital camera, or smartphone. If caught, all photos / videos will be deleted, viewers are forcibly expelled and not allowed to enter the studio again.
Therefore, we’re sorry we can not share photo of the atmosphere in the studio. The show is definitely fun and exciting! The studio is not too big, so even though we have to seat in the back we also can still see the artist clearly. And because we are allowed to enter at around 04.00 PM KST which means before the LIVE event begins, we can watch the rehearsal too! So we able to watched the artist’s performance twice in a day.
For those of you who may have not been lucky to get a Music Bank ticket, there are other ways to see the artists. You can visiting the KBS building on Friday in the morning! Usually the fans have gathered starting at 6:30 am to see their favorite artist coming for rehearsal in the morning. Surely you often see photos of your favorite artist entered the KBS building, right?
On that day, we managed to meet quite a lot! And more exciting, we can greet the artist directly: D Prepare your throat before come to keep your voice in a good shape!

That’s all information about the KBS Music Bank show. Hopefully can help your curiosity.

See you in the next post! ^^


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