How to use Everland Mobile Application

How to use the Everland Mobile Application
– Real-time estimated waiting time –

Everland offers an official mobile application that serves as a guide for visitors.
You can enjoy a number of services more easily, and find more fun during your visit.
everland app 001
everland app 002
The most useful function is “Waiting time estimate” in real-time!
The application supports Korean only, but don’t worry! Just follow the below instruction with us!

1. Download the Everland Application 

Search “Everland” in App store or Google Play and download the app.
everland app 003

2. Open the app and agree the “Terms and Conditions” 

  • Check the checkbox and click “확인” button.
  • Close any pop-up windows (click the X button)

everland app 004 revisedeverland app 005

3. Go to “어트랙션” Menu

  • Click “즐길거리(Enjoy)” button on the sidebar.
  • And choose “어트랙션(Attraction)”.

everland app 006

4. You can see the “Waiting Time” in real-time for each attraction. 

  • 운영시간 means “Operation time”
  • 대기시간 means “Waiting Time”

In the photo, the operation time for T-express is 10:00am to 20:30pm, and the waiting time is 240 minutes.
everland app 007

Everland Q-pass!

If you want to maximize your time in Everland, Q-pass is the best option for you!
Q-pass = Fast pass for specific attractions!
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