How to get to Everland from Seoul (Transportation guide and discount ticket info)

1. Everland by Public Transporation

To get to Everland from Seoul, you can take a public bus from Gangnam Station and Gangbyeon station. Gangnam Station bus #5002 had been popular so it was always packed and most times, about 20 passengers had to stand in the bus the entire hour. Now, the law has changed and allows no standing passengers. This also means that you will have to wait longer for your turn to get on the bus.

Bus First bus/ Last bus Travel time Interval Fare Boarding Location
5002 06:20am/ 23:00pm 90 min. 15 min. approx. 2,500 won (T-money card/cash) Gangnam Station (line 2, Sinbundang) Exit 10 or Sinnonhyeon Station (line 9) Exit 6
5700 06:30am/ 23:55pm 120 min. 30 min. approx. 2,500 won (T-money card/cash) Gangbyeon Station Exit 1(the bus stop is in the middle of the road)

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From Gangnam Station(Line 2)
: Bus #5002 In front of  Who.A.U store (1305-6 Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu)everland_5002_bus_whoareyouFrom Gangbyeon Station(Line 2)
Bus #5700 In the middle of the road near Exit 1


2. Everland Shuttle Bus

This is a private, paid shuttle bus service operated by a bus company. There are 3 popular departure locations to choose from. With this option, not only can you go straight to Everland without struggling with transfer, but also you can choose between early-return bus and late-return bus. Late return bus is perfect for those who want to stay longer to see the famous Everland Firework Show.

  1. Shuttle Bus Pickup location and time from Seoul
    1) Hongik Univ. (Hongdae) Station Exit 4 – 08:20am
    2) Myeongdong Station Exit 2 – 09:00am
    3) Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station Exit 10 – 09:10am
    *English Subway Map(Click)
  2. Shuttle Bus Departure time from Everland
    First, please check Everland Closing Time(Click).
    1) If Everland closes at 8pm, early-return bus leaves Everland at 4:30pm and late-return bus at 8:15pm.
    2) If Everland closes at 9pm, early-return bus leaves Everland at 5:30pm and late-return bus at 9:15pm.
    3) If Everland closes at 10pm, early-return bus leaves Everland at 6:30pm and late-return bus at 10:15pm.
    * 50 – 90 minutes to return to Seoul.

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₩66,000 → ₩50,000 ($46)
*Shuttle Bus only option not available at the moment

3. Private Van Hire to Everland

трансфер в Южной Корее

7-seater Van

This option is perfect for a group of people who values convenience and privacy more as you can arrange the pick up & drop off right in front of your hotel. Not like other options with fixed schedule that you have to follow, with this option, you don’t have to worry about catching the return bus as your driver will be waiting for you at the parking lot then pick you up when you decide to leave Everland. This would be unarguably the easiest option for a big family with small children.

Return Trip (Seoul -> Everland -> Seoul, 10hr hire standard)
7-Seater Van: App. US$281.07
10-Seater Van: App. US$281.07
*Prices above may differ depending on the actual pick-up/drop-off location.

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One-way Trip (Seoul -> Everland/Everland -> Seoul)

4-seater Taxi: App. US$76.33
7-Seater Van: App. US$106.86
*Prices above may differ depending on the actual pick-up/drop-off location.
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Popular things to do in Everland

♥ Our Favorite ♥ Panda world
You can view the cute panda right under your nose!

Top 1. Lost valley  
Interact closer with the animal friends in this Land-To-Water Bus

Top 2. The Notorious T-Express
The fastest roller coaster in Korea, the most dynamic 3 mins speed of 104km/hr.

Top 3. Safari World
A Wild Safari featuring lions, tigers, bears. Meet wide variety of animals at a close distance