Indiway Van – How to book private van in Korea

How to book Private Van with Indiway

1. 1st step: Enter your Information

1) Choose “Travel Type”  between “One Way” or “Day Tour”

 – What is Travel Type?

2) Select “Stopover” if you want to add other places

 2. 2nd step: Get quotation instantly!

1) Press ‘NEXT’ to see prices as per vehicle type

2) Choose your preferred type and the number of vehicles. 

  • Select the number of vehicles
  • Click “See more vehicle types” to see more options
  • Click “Details” to see the vehicle details.

3. 3rd step: Enter the booking information

1) Enter the date & Time
2) Select the number of seats and luggage
3) Check the Total Cost and Click “BOOK NOW” Button

4. 4th step: Make a payment

1) After clicking “Book Now” button, your booking will be added to the cart. 
2) Click “Pay Now” and proceed to checkout!

  • You will see “Pop-up” of return trip booking if you book “one-way “booking.

 ➡ Get your private van in Korea with Indiway!