Hongdae super pretty jewelry store— I am joy

When people came to Seoul, the girls certainly had to go shopping. Today, I would like to recommend a jewelry store! This jewelry store “I am joy” is located in the lively Hongdae. The entire three floors are all selling many different kinds of accessories. It is very spectacular!

In the winter, the warm scarves are selling outside. When you walk into the first floor, you can feel the texture of the decoration. The simple concrete wall is decorated with wood, and several kinds of ornaments are simply placed on it. But the focus is on the wall full of ornaments!

This shop has more earrings, whether it is piercing earrings or clip-on earrings both are selling here, so whether you have ear piercing or not, you can enjoy to shop in here, is it too evil? In addition, there are some hair clips, ring, necklace, etc. The small hairpins can be easily decorated, or there are large clips that can clip all the hairs are very beautiful.

The earrings on the first floor are mostly small retro gold and temperament earrings. It is a favorite style for Korean girls. The price is from very affordable to expensive. If you flip the earrings, you might see the high price. but don’t be too anxious about the price. Some of the earrings here are pure silver, and some are handmade, so it has expensive reasons.

In addition to the first floor, they also have a basement and a second floor, which are not the same style. so it is really difficult to not choose the beloved one!

The earrings in the basement are mostly silvery and the colors are more gorgeous. There are also many pair of earrings for a set and ear piercing for sale. It is suitable for dressing more personalized, or like girls who have more variations.

On the second floor, there are more clip-on earrings. and sell some simple necklaces, with some more expensive earrings in sterling silver.

By the way, tell everyone a small TIP, buy jewelry here, remember don’t rush the receipt, because if the jewelry you bought is damaged, you can go back with the receipt and ask them to repair it!

I am joy
🍽 : 13:00~23:00
🏠 : 40, Wausan-ro 27-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul


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