[Accommodation Highlight] Hongdae Guest House, Seoul B Guest House


Located at youthful and romantic center of Seoul, Hongdae, Seoul B Guest House is a perfect place for backpackers/ friends who travel to Korea together as they provide different room types for different travelers to stay in Seoul, South Korea. Also, as there is an express train head directly between airport and Hongdae university subway station, if you arrive in Korea at a late time, you don’t need to worry for transportation, but can just take the express train and reach to here, Seoul B Guest House!

Room type 1: Single room

1 (1)

$42 per night

More information can be referred at: https://www.mykoreatrip.com/en/rooms/3619

Room type 2: Twin room

1 (3).jpg

$63 per night

More information can be referred at: https://www.mykoreatrip.com/en/rooms/3618

Room type 3:  4 beds room


$26 per night

More information can be referred at: https://www.mykoreatrip.com/en/rooms/3617

Room type 4:  6 beds room

1 (2).jpg

$21 per night

More information can be referred at: https://www.mykoreatrip.com/en/rooms/3616

In Seoul B Guest House, free breakfast is also provided, you can enjoy toast, cereal, yogurt, milk, juice, coffee etc, have a fresh morning and then start your adventure in Seoul! Also, as Hongdae is known for its dozen of clubs and great night life, if you stay at Seoul B Guest House, there is nothing need to worry for catching the last night train when you want to stay outside longer , but can come back at any time once you feel like resting!


Come Korea, come for fun, and come Seoul B Guest House, a place where you can totally get relaxed after an exciting adventure day in Seoul!

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