Try some fresh smoothies ::: JUICY :::

Hello Summer!

Hot weather makes us wanna drink some iced beverages, doesn’t it?

As we know that there are many cafe in Seoul; however, today i’m gonna introduce something new for you guys!



The name of this smoothie bar is “JUICY” \^O^/

According to these pictures, you could tell they are really popular.

Not only it tastes awesome but also the other reasons.


Yeah look at these colorful smoothies’ pictures; orange, watermelon, kiwi flavors ^^



No need to describe how good is tastes, just give it a try and you would love it!

Besides, highly-recommended reasons are:


  • Cheap

M size & XL(1,000 ml) size could be chosen.

XL size only costs ₩2,800 oh my! you know how cheap it is! If you wanna have a L-size cup of latte, it costs ₩5,000 in a coffee shop you randomly walked by.

Also, lots of fruits you could choose, including watermelon, orange, chocolate banana, banana, kiwi, tomato, and pineapple.

If you wanna mix the fruits, no problem! only ₩3,800 needed, you could have strawberry+banana, orange+pineapple, kiwi+banana and so on.

by the way, they offer coffees as well, like Americano and latte.


  • Fresh

The fresh fruits are simply placed in divided containers in the fridge.

Costumers could easily understand what they deal with the smoothie we ordered.


There are many branches in Seoul. The one people are easy to find is listed below.

The branch of Ewha Womans University.

How to get there?

Leaving Ewha Womans University station exit 2 or 3, go straight.

Turn left at the horizontal road which is prior to Ewha Womans University.

Keep walking and you would see it on right hand. (the yellow mark in the right pic)

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