Hints and Tips to save on your trip to Korea!


If you are planning on visiting Korea, there are a few necessary things you have to plan in advance, and a few things you can leave up to chance! Booking your airline ticket to Seoul (Incheon International Airport has been recognized as one of the best airports in the world!), accommodation in Seoul or other provinces, how many days you are staying, this is very important to plan in advance!

But there are a few things you can also leave up to chance! Sightseeing destinations in Seoul and Korea, top Korean food to eat, restaurants to visit or even best Korean souvenirs to buy! Sometimes as you are discovering Korea, you will find amazing secrets and memories!

With the big things, the important details, what about using a few hints and tips to shorten the wait time, reduce your stress and help you save a few thousand won?

Here at BnBHero we thought you could help you with a few hints and tips for your trip to Korea!

Affordable and Time Saving Transportation from the Airport! 


Incheon International Airport is one of the best airports in the world, and there are many transportation methods for you to use! From Airport Buses to trains on one scale to hiring expensive taxis, you have to balance saving money but increasing transportation time,  or saving time and spending a LOT of money! (And you haven’t even left the airport!)

What about using a van and taxi pickup from the airport? Starting at 47,000 won for one person, and increasing in price, while it may seem a bit expensive compared to bus or train for one person, you actually start saving money compared to a taxi, AND it is more convenient! No need to worry about buying a ticket, waiting in line, or wondering if you are even on the right bus!

Private van pickup from Incheon Airport directly to your accommodation is convenient, budget friendly and also extremely easy! Be greeted by our friendly and professional drivers at the arrival hall and know you are in safe hands!

Van and Taxi Pickup

More then 4 persons-₩ 106,335  

3 People– ₩ 88,613 

2 People– ₩ 70,890

1 Person– ₩ 47,260 

Stay Connected with UNLIMITED DATA for 22,000 won! 


Being connected to school or work, needing to google last minute recommendations and guides, or even wanting to show off to your family and friends is SO DIFFICULT to do without proper internet!

But what is the point of paying OUTRAGEOUS sums for data roaming, or the hassle of finding a temporary SIM card after your arrival??

Try out our local SIM card rental from $22! Unlimited Data and coverage with the largest Korean telephone service provider, you will be covered during your entire trip!

Pre-order a sim card 2 days in advance and pick it up at the airport! It is a convenient, budget friendly and amazingly easy way to ensure you are always connected to your friends, families, and fans!

SimCard Rental from 22 dollars onwards! 

Korea Pocket Wi-Fi (Router) RENTAL!


Korea Unlimited Wi-Fi Router! Rent it for 5,500won a day and access the internet anywhere in South Korea!

Only KRW 5,000won for daily.

Wi-Fi Router Rental !


Save 35% on your Bucket List Destinations! 

The two most popular themepark destinations in Korea are Everland and Lotte World! You cannot complete your trip without visiting one or the other! Topping most list suggestions on best places to visit in Korea, if you are going to visit Everland anyways, what about saving some money on the entrance ticket?


Although the regular price for the Everland Entrance Ticket is US 41 dollars, save 35% and pay US 27 dollars! Put the money towards enjoying exciting souvenirs at Everland and save more with us!

Save 35% off your Everland Ticket!

If Everland is too far, what about Lotte World? Located in Jamsil Station, it is Seoul’s #1 Amusement Park!  Although a full days pass is US$ 44, save 20% with us and pay only US$ 35 ! Save on your ticket, receive free admission to exclusive areas and put the extra money towards souvenirs!

20% off Full Day Lotte World Pass! 

Caribbean Bay is part of Everland theme park. Here, not only can you enjoy swimming and water amusement rides, but you can also relax in hot spring waters all year round. The water park has various facilities, such as the indoor and outdoor pools, a spa, a sauna, a wave pool, and slides like the Water Bobsleigh and Mega Storm.

35% off Caribbean Bay Waterpark


Enjoy the best 360 degree views of Seoul from the Namsan Tower Observatory!

Get a discount on BnBHero and visit the tour to see the best, unfiltered views, whether you go in the day time or in the evening!

Namsan Tower Observatory 


Seoul Grevin Museum, the largest wax figure museum in Asia. You can meet more than 80 life size wax figures of world-class celebrities and Kpop stars such as Michael Jackson, PSY, G-DRAGON, Lee Min Ho, etc.

Grevin Museum Discounted Ticket

Visit Nami Island and Petite France in One Day!

Nami Island and Petite France are both some of the most popular destinations outside of Seoul, and did you know you could totally visit both locations in one day?

Located near each other, it is possible to take public transportation and visit both, but why spend the time and hassle, when there is a shuttle bus that will take you to and from Seoul??

Available from 42,000 won, the shuttle service even includes the entrance ticket into Nami Island!

Visit Nami Island and Petite France in one day!

If you are more ambitious and want to include a third activity, what about a Gangchon Rail Bike Tour?

Visit Nami Island, Petite France, AND Gangchon Rail Bike! 

Experience an amazing Gangchon Rail Tour! 


Enjoy a rail biking opportunity on an old train rail line through South Korea, see the best breathtaking scenery and most of all spend time experiencing nature in all four seasons!

This beautiful rail course is available every season, and it is one of the best ways to enjoy what nature has to offer in South Korea!

Gangchon Rail Bike Pass for 2 people- 24,000 won 

Gangchon Rail Bike Pass for 4 people- 34,000 won 

Enjoy #1 Korean Performances at a Discount!


There are so many things to do, eat, shop and see in Korea, and sometimes performances and shows don’t make the list because they are too expensive, or too difficult to choose from! But what if we can make your life easier??

Watch  NANTA, Korea’s culinary themed musical performance  for only 41,000 won a ticket!

(For more information on NANTA, check out our other blog posts on this amazing show!)


There are so many more exciting and trendy shows, and we have gathered a few of the most popular and trendiest Korean performances just for our readers!

Bi-Bap: Korean Beat Boxing with a Culinary Theme!

Jump: Mix of Martial Arts and Acrobatics!

Nanta: Culinary Musical Performance!

With so many things to do, see and experience in Korea, let us help you with our hints and tips on things you have to arrange anyways, things to make your visit more convenient, and things that were on your bucket list!

For more interesting discounts and deals, check out our BnBHero Website Tour Services Section!

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