Heart of Korea’s Luxury Shopping- Dosan Park!

Dosan Park- where the rich and famous gather!

Dosan Park- a cultural heritage!


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Dosan Park is located near Apgujeong Rodeo and Apgujeong Station, and is a quiet green space in the heart of one of Seoul’s most prestigious neighborhoods. A lush landscape built to commemorate Dosan An Changho’s patriotism and achievements, it is surrounded by some of the most expensive and exclusive restaurants and stores in Korea.


Photo courtesy of jh94645

The park is open every day (except Sunday!)  and is very popular with visitors, and many office workers will take walks during their lunch break. It is also a very popular spot for Korean dramas and movies, and you may even glimse some celebrities taking some down time- if you recognize them without their makeup, let us know!


Photo courtesy of jh94645

The area of the park is nearly 30,000 meter square, and it has a Memorial Hall, Dosan An Changho’s tomb, and statues. There is a lot of information about Dosan An Changho available at the park, and admission is free!  It is a very beautiful place and has several walking trails, private gardens, and sports facilities.


Photo courtesy of jh94645

20, Dosan-daero 45-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 강남구 도산대로45길 20 (신사동)


Video Courtesy of the Seoul Guide
 But don’t forget the Shopping!


Photos Courtesy of Korea Joonanag Daily

But what makes Dosan Park even more popular with Koreans and visitors is because it is the heart of some serious shopping and eating! You will recognize many names in this area, and some of these stores are even more impressive than the original flagship stores abroad!


Photos Courtesy of Korea Joonanag Daily

There are buildings here that are beautiful to gaze out simply as architectural dreams! Shimmering chrome and glass or standing gardens of lush green foliage, we highly recommend that you visit this destination!


Photos Courtesy of Korea Joonanag Daily

Morning, day or night, there are always amazing window displays that beckon you (and your wallet, and your credit card) closer. Intimidated to enter a store? What we love is that there is a mix of art galleries, stores, restaurants and cafes- so you have a variety to experience!


Photos Courtesy of Korea Joonanag Daily

Look at this amazing building standing by itself! It is part of a art gallery and also houses a cafe- don’t you love the way it sparkles in the sunlight? We do!


Photos Courtesy of Korea Joonanag Daily

Many foreign brands have large stand alone stores here- and unlike other areas of Korea, being nestled next to a park makes it look a bit more fancy. Something about this neighborhood seems like a slice out of Europe.

There is even an Hermes store in this neighborhood- with a cafe!


Photo courtesy ofParadise_tnl

Quietly famous Korean labels (have you heard of 0914?) are also opening their flagship stores here!

dosanpark10 dosanpark11

Photo Courtesy of sj0503

There are many other luxury brands as well, such as Mark Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Ann Demeulemeester and Kiton. There is even an SK spa!! Too luxurious? Maybe it is time for a little splurge – after all, we are in Seoul, so why not?

Or the Eating!

dosanpark7 dosanpark8

Photos Courtesy of eKim

There are alot of famous restaurants in this neighborhood- of all varieties! Japanese, Chinese, Korea, French, Italian or American- we love the fact that you can probably get almost everything, within a step or two from a gorgeous park!

(Doesn’t the Japanese set menu above look delicious?)


Photo Courtesy of heheta

This up and coming pie shop has a persaonlized quirk – you can decorate it yourself with cream, so you can leave behind a cute and funny message with your friends! You can have your cake- AND eat it to!

dosanpark16 dosanpark17

Photo courtesy ofParadise_tnl

We were an absolutely crazy about the Korean drama Pasta, but did you know the restaurant it was based in is actually located in this neighborhood?

Dosan Park is a famous and popular destination with Koreans and visitors alike- and the food and shopping is to die for!

So what about paying it a little visit?


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