Have you visited the National Museum of Korea?

Cultural Treasure- the National Museum of Korea

In this hot summer season, what about doing something cultural, learning more about Korean history and best of all, doing all this in air conditioning, for free, with the perfect souvenir store to buy all your presents? We at BnBHero would like to highly recommend visiting the National Museum of Korea!

Why it is a must-see destination


Located near Ichon Station, the National Museum of Korea is a must visit location for tourists because it is tucked away close enough to Itaewon, but still in a very peaceful and beautiful area. The museum itself is surrounded by a large and beautiful landscape!


It is large, cavernous and full of Korea’s interesting history! But even better- air conditioning!! 


Occasionally on the weekends there are also special performances- and the acoustics are amazing! We at BnBHero were lucky to catch a performance that combined traditional Korean instruments with Western instruments also- what a beautiful harmony! 

The National Museum of Korea is a “cultural complex” that preserves and displays relics, hosts a variety of cultural events and also offers many special exhibitions!

Special Exhibitions on Right Now! 


There are many special exhibitions happening at the Museum right now (July 2015)m such as a Metal Works Exhibition at the Sculpture and Crafts Gallery, special work by patrons of Korean Buddhist Art, as well as a special exhibition co-organized by the National Museum of Korea, KBS, National Museum in Warsaw, and Adam Mickiewicz Institute(Culture.pl).

Direction and Opening Hours


The National Museum of Korea is in walking distance to Ichon Station! You can either walk outside or utilize an underground tunnel that connects the station to the Museum. It is very modern, clean, cool, and a convenient way to travel in Korea!

This is what the museum looks like! 

guide generaltimeline

The museum has different operating hours depending on the way of the week, so be sure to double check! 

Outside Tour

Depending on the weather, you should always spend some time outside around the Park! There are beautiful and peaceful walkways, a waterfall hidden in the corner, as well as a lovely Pagoda you can also go inside! (Not unlike the one at Gyeongbokkung Palace where you cannot go inside!) This is the perfect place to take photos, relax, enjoy some sunlight, and also take a break!

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Map and Layout


Outdoors, there are so many interesting and wonderful places to go to sight see- so what about visiting our proud heritage point during your visit to Seoul?

Last but not least- the souvenir shop!

Last but not least, they have the perfect range of souvenirs to buy for your friends and family back at home! From some pins with the Korean flag, key chains, and other beautiful items with traditional Korean motifs, they also have very interesting and cute items such as nail stickers with Korean patterns, cute little nail buffers with Korean girls in traditional dress, and more!

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So what about it? Our National Museum is full of secrets and stories about Korea, and also is a perfect way of doing something cultural, escaping the heat, and also finding the perfect store to find the perfect present!

Have you been to the Museum yet?

For more information on the Museum, check out their English Website:

National Museum of Korea [English Version]

Or their English Guidebook!

English Guidebook


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