Have you checked out the coupons available on Visit Korea?

Have you discovered the E-Books available on Visit Korea? 

The Korea Tourism Organization has a section on their website where you can discover many interesting books on Korea!

Whether you are looking for some city guide books, Muslim friendly restaurants or Korean Food (Hansik) recommendations, there are many interesting resources available!

However, the best resources are the coupon books!

Check out the page here! 

coupon1 coupon5coupon8

There are three different coupon books on the Visit Korea website focusing on Gangwon and the Metropolitan Area, Chungcheong and the Jeolla Regions, as well as Gyeongsang Region!

Each book is about 60 pages of detailed information, highlights, and coupons! It is possible to print these coupons, but we could not download the files so we have taken some screen captures to show you some examples!


Contents Page for Gangwon-do and Metropolitan Area Coupon Book


Contents for Chungcheong and Jeolla Region Guide Book


Contents for Gyeongsang Region Guide Book

[Click to enlarge]

What is pretty amazing is that the Korea Tourism Organization focuses on many area such as Nami Island, Seoul, Yeosu, Busan, and key destinations! They bring a variety of coupons from accommodation, restaurant and cafes, as well as theme parks and other destination sites where you can really enjoy Korea’s culture!

coupon3 By providing thoughtful summaries, you can learn more about the areas you are planning to visit!


They offer coupons which act as discounts, or even free! But please make sure you print these out from the website because the coupons are double sided! (The back has the terms and conditions!)


So what about checking out some amazing guidebooks by the Korean Tourism Organization?

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