Happy Chuseok Everyone!

Happy Korean Thanksgiving Everyone! 

Dear BnBHero reader, Happy Korean Thanksgiving! One of the most important holidays for Koreans, this year (2015), Chuseok falls on the weekend (Saturday-Monday) and it is a wonderful occasion where all the family members will get together, share stories and catch up!

We thought we could prepare some information for you on what Chuseok was, and how Koreans like to celebrate it!

What is Chuseok?

Chuseok is Korean thanksgiving, and is a perfect opportunity for families to get together. This year it falls on a weekend so we do not have too long a holiday, but if you are visiting Seoul, this is great news, because–THERE WILL BE NO TRAFFIC! Yes! For this weekend, many Koreans will be heading back home to other areas of South Korea, meaning that there will be plenty of space and none of the traffic!

Chuseok is also known as the Korean Harvest Moon Festival, because it is the day that Koreans used to give thanks to their ancestors whilst bringing in a full harvest. This is why the Korean Chuseok is not held on the same day every year! We go by the lunar moon calendar, which means that it can be held at different times of the year.

Try to take a photo of the moon! The harvest moon is said to be the largest and brightest moon of the year!


Photo Courtesy of Bucheon Blog

What do Koreans do to Celebrate?

In the morning, food is prepared and used to give thanks to the ancestors. These days, it depends on how traditional your family is, and what religion you follow. Some families and make this a bigger event than others, but is usually when “charye” is given, which is an ancestor memorial service.


A lot of food is prepared and set up at home, and everyone bows formally- usually one by one, or couple by couple! This is done through the Korean hierarchy of age and birth, and depending on large your family is, it may be short or long!

Charye is about paying your respect, giving thanks, and also about remembering the family members who have passed away! It is a quiet and serious affair, but it doesn’t mean that it is sad or stiff- it is just a natural way of starting Chuseok!


Photo Courtesy of Missionsos

What is also interesting is that there is a specific order you need to follow when it comes to laying out the food! Isn’t that interesting!

After Charye, if possible the family members will also go to visit the ancestor’s graves, clean the weeds and replace the flowers- however this depends on the family, and where the burial mound is! If there are a lot of elderly people in the family, the head might go by themselves- but it is just a wonderful occasion for everyone to gather, give thanks, and catch up!

Our Favorite- Chuseok Food! 

Korean Food

Photo Courtesy of Ursa



Photo Courtesy of Egrim

While there are many delicious food items you can eat at Chuseok, our favorite and the most popular is songpyeon! Korean rice cake prepared and filled with either sesame seeds, beans, chestnuts, redbeans, they come in different colors and depending on who is making it, an assortment of flavors and colors!


Photo Courtesy of Samsamstory

It is said in Korea that the one who can make a beautiful songpyeong will marry someone great, or will give birth to a beautiful baby- we don’t know if this is true, but we have been trying very hard to make beautiful songpyeon because of this!

With so much to eat, so much to do and so much to talk about, we wish all our readers happy Chuseok!

Can you give me some ideas for  Chuseok?

Of course! We’ve come across some blog entries from last year, and we know most of the events will also be held this year!

Whether you visit a museum, one of our palaces or just decide to go out and enjoy a traffic-jam free night, chuseok is an amazing opportunity to enjoy Seoul to the fullest!

Blog Korea has some amazing inspirational ideas!

Soul of Seoul has also come up with some great ideas!

So have a nice chuseok everyone!

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