Hapjeong Station Dessert Cafe Tiramisu Specialty Shop— Madame Tiramisu

The café to be introduced today is called Madame Tiramisu, as its name is a tiramisu specialty cafe, and there are many Korean cafés, each with its own unique desserts, which are specially made. then here is Tiramisu.

When you walk to the door of the cafe, you can find that the door is made of wood and is a special revolving door. The inside of the cafe is carefully decorated in every corner, but it has a unique style.

Like this wall, using various retro boxes, suitcases, and briefcases are filled with a whole front, presenting a strange but unique feeling.

The other wall is a lot of illustrations that are covered with a whole wall. It is very special, but it is don’t feel too oppressive.

There are also a variety of special decorations in the corners, such as an old-fashioned globe or a retro world map. Even the machines that play music are unique, and there are cabinets for placing CDs that were used before, which is also very special.


The most interesting thing is the arrangement of the middle seating area. After the wooden frame is raised on the ground, it is surrounded by a half. The low wall is not just only separate this area but also be used as the seats. The building pillars in the middle usually affect the use of space but with this design, can make full use of this space.

This way you can see that this space is very wide and there are a lot of seats, but sometimes you may find out that fully Occupied at afternoon! Visible is very welcome.

What is famous here is not the beautiful space but their tiramisu. We are surprised and the cake is too big! It’s no wonder that the price is much higher than the average cake, but it is just good to share with friends.

We chose the most basic type of tiramisu. The first time we want to taste the original taste, the original tiramisu is very flavorful and creamy, not too sweet especially with the bitterness of coffee, very tasty.

However, if you like to challenge new tastes, this cafe is constantly developing new flavors, and new flavors will be introduced from time to time. Many tiramisu flavors that have never been seen before have been developed, such as Figs, Peach, Raspberry, Banana, etc., want to try each one, recommend it to everyone.

Madame Tiramisu
🍽 : 10:00 – 23:00
🏠 : 55, Yanghwa-ro 3-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

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