Hansik Olbaan: a nice Korean buffet restaurant

Do you wanna eat a lot of Korean famous food? Try Korean buffet restaurant: Hansik Olbaan, which means ‘serving well-cooked food the right way.’

It is a Korean food business developed by Shinsegae Food in consultation with Park Jong-sook, a food researcher who has researched the Korean food market and is inspired by menus from various regions and head houses.


Name Hansik Olbaan Official Website(KR/ENG)

Address 서울특별시 종로구 혜화동 대학로 146


Hours Every day 11:00~21:30 (16:00~17:00 rest time on weekdays)

Price Weekdays Lunch ₩14,900 Weekdays Dinner/Weekends/Holidays ₩23,900

Elementary students ₩10,900 Children ₩7,500 (under 36 months baby Free)


They change food due to seasons, like in Spring, customers could savor strawberry products; in Summer, strawberries would be replaced with another seasonal food. (Pictures are taken in Spring so … there’s no more strawberry products in this year LOL)


Let’s see the surroundings.




The interior looks nice and clean.




Next, we check what kind of food we could taste~ We could make a veg hotpot. Many salad vegtable choices here make me feel so healthy lol.





Of course they serve other delicious dishes, besides salad.






Last, next forget the dessert and beverages. You could have ice cream, soft drinks, coffees.They also serve beers as long as extra money is paid.






Although Spring is over, next time, you could have another seasonal Korean food here!  It’s a worth visiting Korean buffet restaurant with friends and family! Be sure to check their website to know what are their seasonal menu before visiting.


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