Hangang Summer Festival 2016

The Hangang River summer festival, “Hangang Mongttang.” at July 15 until  August 21, programs organized by the Hangang Project Headquarters of the Seoul Metropolitan Government in cooperation with various civic organizations will transform the Han River into a joy-filled playground.


The programs and participating organizations span a wide variety of sectors, including: camping, water leisure sports, concerts, film screenings, street festivals, cycling, paper boat racing, fire art, and traditional art performances.Enjoy around 70 different programs at the 2016 Hangang Summer Festival, where you don’t have to miss out on anything and can do pretty much everything at the 11 different Hangang (River) parks.


12 kind of programs will be held at Hangang Summer Festival
①Hangang Summer Campgrounds ②Hangang Box1 Race ③Water leisure sports ④Hangang Water Fight Festival ⑤Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra riverside music festival

festival 3


⑥Hangang Bike Ride ⑦Hangang Street Performance Festival ⑧Hangang Movie Festival under the bridge ⑨Hangang Fire Dancing Festival ⑩Seoul Story Fashion Show ⑪ Electro-dash ⑫Upcycling Parade.

festival 2

getImage 3

Really interesting right?!So,save on your schedule and dont miss out.


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