Hangang River Ferry Lunch Buffet Cruise

We invited famous blogger based in Korea, Seoul State Of Mind, for a Han River Lunch Buffet Cruise experience. Fortunately, we managed to get a seat by the windows so we got to enjoy the unobstructed views of the bridges and landscape of Seoul while chomping down our food.
The cruise ship was somewhat lavishly decorated and its interiors looked chic. The dark woods, blue tablecloth and skirting on the chairs, marbled countertops, a grand piano on the stage and impeccably dressed waiters and crew, made the entire cruise looked posh.
Han River Cruise_Photowall
Han River Cruise_Interior01Han River Cruise_Interior03
Han River Cruise_Interior04
They served a wide range of cuisines, from Korean to Chinese to Western cuisine, and a pretty good selection of dishes as well. Honestly, I went for the cruise bracing myself for sub-standard food but it turned out that the food served was better than expected! I especially enjoyed the salads, meats and desserts.
Han River Cruise_Food01
Han River Cruise_Food02
Han River Cruise_Food04
Han River Cruise_Food05
Han River Cruise_Food03
Han River Cruise_Food06
Han River Cruise_Food07
Han River Cruise_Food08Han River Cruise_Food09
Han River Cruise_Food10
The views of the bridges in the daylight may not be as beautiful as the lighted bridges in the night time but it still looked pretty. Weather was good and I could spot flocks of birds flying above the cruise. For k-drama fans, you will find yourself cruising under some of the famous bridges that appeared often in Korean dramas!
Han River Cruise_Bridges of Han River_Dangsan Bridge
Han River Cruise_Bridges of Han River_Seogang Bridge
Han River Cruise_Bridges of Han River_Seongsan Bridge01
Han River Cruise_Bridges of Han River_Seogang Bridge02
Han River Cruise_Bridges of Han River_WorldCupFountain
We arrived on time to find that other people have already started halfway through their first serving. As an occupational habit, we were busy taking photos most of the time so we sort of rushed through our meal. When the cruise docked back at Yeouido, we asked to stay for a while more but we were refused as they said they had to prepare for the dinner buffet. I guess they weren’t strict about the start time but they were pretty strict about their closing time though.
So in my opinion, arrive 15 mins eariler to start on the lunch buffet so that you can have more time later for scenic views!

How To Make Your Reservations

To make your reservations and for more information on ticketing and prices, please visit here.
For more information on how to get to the dock, please read our other blog post.
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