(Hanbok) Sticker Photo Machine

Wanna try while wearing Korean Traditional Clothes “Hanbok” and taking photo with photo stickers Machine??


This place is located at Insadong- Ssamziegil 3floor where you can borrow Hanbok from them with variety of choices, and accessories with reasonable price. You can also take the picture with your own cellphones to keep as a memories too. it’s easy to spot the shop once you going up to the rooftop. “Recommended”

You have to choose your outfit, the choice is not variety but they do provide Nice Hanbok. They have boys and girls outfit, so you don’t have to worry about the gender of the friends you’re going with. Once changed, you can take some selfies before getting started seriously, but it depends if the shop is crowded or not.

The price is 10 000 wons for two sets of pictures, and 5 000 for any additionnal set.

How to go:
Anguk station and exit 6. Walk straight until u see Insadong.
walk straight into Insadong and you can see Insadong- Ssamziegil
and climb up 3floor



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