Gwangjang Market

Gwangjang Market is the oldest traditional market in Seoul. It is popular with foreign visitors and is one of the best places to find tasty street foods. It is one of the best places in Seoul to witness Korean culture and to sample street foods such as bindaetteok.

Traditional markets are popular with visitors to Seoul as they show a side of the city that can’t be found or replicated at other newer and larger shopping centers and fashion malls.

The biggest of the three food alleys is Jeon Alley, running a length of about 30 meters starting from the entrance of the market. Although this may sound quite long for such a humble food alley, several stores and stalls are crammed in along the length of it, making the idea of personal space a laughable matter. But regardless of the fact that eating here means being crammed shoulder-to-shoulder with strangers, there won’t be a single person in the whole lot with a scowl on their face. And that’s because their mouths are too busy happily munching away at bindaetteok and other varieties of jeon, or too busy gulping down bowls full of makgeolli. The combination of jeon and makgeolli is so universally enjoyed you’ll see all kinds of people eating here. Office workers looking to de-stress and grab a bite to eat on the way home to students on a budget, from foreigners and tourists looking to try a taste of real Korea to ajummas and ajusshis re-fueling their energy after a day of hiking, Jeon Alley is popular with people of all ages and all backgrounds.

Source : Korea Travel Organization, Visit

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