Gurye Sansuyu Festival (구례산수유꽃축제)

Gurye Sansuyu Festival (구례산수유꽃축제)


Spring is coming. The season to go camping, outing and visiting flower festivals. Let us introduce one of the most beautiful flower festivals in Korea that would take place in this upcoming month already.

Gurye Sansuyu Festival takes place in Gurye-gun Sandong-myeon,
Jirisan Hot Springs area in Jeollanam province. The period of the festival this year is from March 19th till 27th.


Visitors at the Gurye Sansuyu Festival can enjoy a vibrant taste of spring with Sansuyu flower or the yellow cornelian cherry flowers. The main programs include making liquor out of cornus fruit (cornelian cherry fruits). Visitors can also taste cornus fruit Korean traditional rice wine (makgeolli).


Other additional programs include various garden concerts and opening ceremony performances vibrant with Korean traditional dance and music. There also offers traditional folk game experience corner, Sansuyucha tasting and activities like treasure hunt and love letter.

다함께 (2)

From Seoul Nambu Terminal, take an intercity bus to Gurye (구례).
– From Gurye Bus Terminal, take the Gurye-Jungdong (구례-중동), Gurye-Wolgye (구례-월계), Gurye-Namwon (구례-남원), or Gurye-Hwaeomsa Temple (구례-화엄사) route bus to Jungdong (중동).
– The Jirisan Mountain Hot Springs area is located 300m from the Jungdong bus stop.


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Thanks to information from Visit Korea page and beautiful pictures from sansuyu gurye website.

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