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This article on Boseong Green Tea Fields  attracted our attention and enthusiasm, but visiting a field of green tea seemed a bit impractical in the winter- you certainly did not get the full experience promised you in the photos!

masterimgThe Boseong Green Tea fields accounts for 40% of the national tea product, and is a beautiful destination in any season- but we wanted to see the rolling hills of green tea fields, and enjoy the full festivities!

From May 4th to May 8th, the Boseong Green Tea Festival is on at full swing. Some of the most popular events include actually picking tea leaves and making tea yourself, but there are a lot of other interesting performances and events we wanted to take part in.

It is easy to take the bus to Gwangju, and then a more local bus to Boseong- the blog post from before provides more detailed information on bus times and the route, and so we made sure to download an offline copy of the post!

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Do you stay at a guest house, hotel, or a motel? We decided to make our room reservation on booking.com, right at Boseong! A beautiful traditional house would give us the chance to fully experience Korean culture- and it was also a great photo taking opportunity!

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º¸¼º27What do you eat in Boseong? Korean food of course! You will find a lot of green tea themed food near the plantation, but we stuck to green tea (the beverage) and ice cream, and for everything else, went to enjoy the full Korean courses, which always come with plentiful side dishes!


So if you are looking for something to do this May, what about checking out the Boseong Green Tea Festival with us?

The Boseong Green Tea Festival is held every year, but even outside the festival it is a beautiful destination to visit! The website is only available in Korean, but there are many other resources out there in English! Check out our other blog post for more detailed information on transportation, and prices! 


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