“Goodbye Mr. Black” : New Korean Drama

Goodbye Mr. Black (굿바이 미스터 블랙)


“Goodbye Mr. Black” is a new Korean drama broadcast on MBC channel, starting from March 16th. The drama will have in total 16 episodes and will end on May 5th.

The story of the drama is based on a comic of the same title, written by Hwang Mi-Na and first published in 1983. This comic is inspired by a French novel named “The Count of Monte Cristo” which was also made into movie.


The story of “Goodbye Mr. Black” is centered around the Navy Special Operation Force. The main character, Cha Ji-Won (starred by Lee Jin-Wook) is a officer of Underwater Demolition Team under this force unit. He was betrayed by his best friend, Min Sun Jae (starred by Kim Kang Woo), who accused him of initiating a rebellion. As a result, he was sent abroad. However, he escaped and returned Korea with a new identity.In order to revenge he has created a new identity and had a fake marriage with Kim Swan (starred by Moon Chae-won).


Another interesting character in this drama is Seo Woo Jin (starred by Song Jae Rim). He is a well-educated, genius editor of an internet media outlet. The character will add energy as well as change the flow of the drama.


The drama is directed by  Han Hee. The series is on air on MBC channel every Wednesday and Thursday at 21:55, Korean time.


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