Good Luck Feast for Welcoming the New Year, Year of the Monkey


One of the four major holidays in Korea- Lunar New Year, there will have many traditional events held for celebrating new year in folk villages or museums in Korea, let’s see what they have!

Korean Folk Village



Open Hours: Feb.~ Apr. Weekdays 9:30~18:00 Weekend 9:30~18:30

Rates: Adult 15,000 Adolescent 12,000 Child 10,000

In greeting New Year’s Day of 2016, Korean Folk Village prepared “New Year Greeting Bliss Feast.’ You may enjoy traditional new year special experience events and performances here!

Event time: 30th January~10th February, 2016


6th-10th Feb 13:40~14:00 Jisinbalg (Stamping on the god of the earth) wishing for peace at a village and great happiness for families


Weekend/holidays 13:00~16:30 Pre-view 2015! Tojeong bigyeo (fortune-telling)


Weekend/holidays 10:00~17:00 Good luck is given out to you-Good Luck-Longevity Character

Weekend/holidays 10:00~16:00 New year’s Amulet drawn on the face for the Supplication for Great success, Face painting

8th Feb (Mon) Lunar new year day 13:00~13:30 Beauty of Traditional Dance, Tradition of flowers

Event site(Korean version only):

Transportation info:




National Folk Museum of Korea

The National Folk Museum of Korea is a museum that represents daily life and culture of Korea where you can experience the traditional Korean lifestyle here.

Opening hours

November to February : 09:00-17:00 (entrance is allowed until 16:00)

Admission: Free of charge

※ There is a charge for admission to Gyeongbokgung Palace.

2nd Feb~10th February 11:00~16:00 Yeon (Kite) Making craft workshop

2nd Feb~10th February 11:00~16:00 Enjoy warm Teeokguk (rice cake soup)

You can enjoy different new year events from 6th feb-10th feb, many activities or performances related to monkey (the year of this year) will also be held.





Event site(Korean version only):


Take Line 3 to Anguk station

Take Line 5 to Gyeongbokgung station


Namsangol Hanok Village

During the Joseon period , this area was a famous place for summer resort, and now Korean government still keep the traditional houses which we can experience how people live in old times.



Opening hours:

Nov. ~ Mar. – 09:00 ~ 20:00  Closed on every Tuesday (However, if Tuesday is a holiday, the next day is closed.)

Admission Fees: Free

You can enjoy different new year events include Korean tradition introduction lectures, experiencing slicing rice cakes,learning how to sing Korean folk songs, many new year activities can be enjoyed on 8th& 9th Feb here.


Event site:

Transportation info:

Line 3 Chungmuro Stn. Exits 3, 4 plus a 5-minute walk



Also, great news for anyone who will be in Korea during lunar new year, on 8th Feb, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Deoksugung palace, Changgyeonggung palace and Changdeokgung Palace, four main palaces are free for entrance!


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