Girls’ Generation also likes this bar “Domayaki Dugout” in Apgujeong 

Being a fan of singer or group, you might wanna go visit where they have been. Let’s try this japanese bar “domayaki” in Apgujeong!

Even Girls’ generation has been before.

you could see the main door at night ; according to decoration, it seems a baseball-style bar.

And here’s menu, today we followed girls’ generation. Therefore  we ordered the second one in the menu.

It’s pear flavor makgeolli. V(^_^)V

One serving is 15,000 won which is quite affordable if you consider that you are getting two portions for the price of one. some crispy cucumber and patato corn salad, keeping waiting ^_^ 

Here it is!! And a kind staff taught is how to drink in a right way.

We couldn’t wait to drink it!

Step 1:

Put some pear flavor ice into the bowl. Even the ice tasted so good without makgeolli!

Step 2:

pour some makgeolli into the bowl; it depends how drunk you wanna be lol.

Step 3:

blend it gentlely! Makgeolli would be well mixed with ice.

Last step:

Enjoy it ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

It was really good and I wanna drink again!!!! It tastes sweet so I think girls would love it.

The atmosphere of this bar was also nice. You could hang out with friends here and spend your time on drinking delicious pear makgeolli.

The restaurant is Korean fusion- which means you will see a lot of familiar Korean items on the menu, a lot of familiar Japanese items on the menu, and then just some plain unusual items! This is an octopus salad- and in the back you get a small portion of tako-wasabi!

Some of the food is a bit more traditional Korean- such as the Korean pork belly you eat wrapped with kimchi (ssam), while others are more traditional Japanese pub fare, such as Japanese style fried chicken (or chicken karaage). The food is delicious, and comes in portions perfect to share with other people.

The menu helpfully lists the food items that are most popular, so we recommend you order a mix! Something fried, something spicy, something meaty- and something with soup to help with your hangover the next day!

And More!

They also have other very interesting drinks, so go wild, and have some fun! This is Korean expensive soju, with crushed ice made out of tonic water, and a plunger full of sweet and tart Korean pomegrenate vinger.

What a great and entertaining way to drink!


How to get there?

Walk out from Apgujeong Redeo exit 5, go straight and turn right after walking 3 blocks. Keep walking 2 blocks, and turn right again. It will be showed on your right side.

34 Dosan-daero 51-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (서울특별시 강남구 도산대로51길 34)


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