Get Some Korean Treats~ Warm Your Winter Up!

Korean snack carts along the streets are becoming more and more busier as the cold strikes. Nothing can be more satisfying than holding some freashly cooked warm treats outside in the chilly wind!! We’re bringing several most popular ones here and hope these savory warm street foods would help you get through Korea’s cold winter.

Let’s check them out!

1. Hotteok


Hotteok is the best street food especially for winter!! The most popular type of Hotteok is made of glutinous rice with classical sweet fillings of brown sugar, cinnamon, and pumpkin seeds (sometimes sunflower seeds). There are also salty flavors with meat/vegetables fillings.

When being lightly fried, Hotteok gives a delicious sweet aroma which is irresistible in the cold weather.

Just can’t wait to have one!!


2. Bungeoppand (fish pastry)


Bungeoppang, known as the “fish shaped pastry”, has become so popular now since it first came out that there are  so many variations of them you can find.

The common Bungeoppang is about the size of one’s palm, with red bean paste fillings and the crust often baked slightly crispy. Now you can also find mini-Bungeoppang of the size of one’s thumb, which is much easier for a quick bite.


3. Hoppang (Jjinbang)


Hoppang the soft bun is a traditional Korean winter snack comes with various different flavors. It is also the one easiest to find, cause you don’t even need to find a Hoppang vender, almost every convenience store sells hot Hoppangs!

If you want to try the traditional taste of Hoppang, have the one with red bean paste fillings. Or you can also choose from sweet poatoes, meat, vegetables, pumpkin paste, milky cream, and even pizza flavors!

4. Gunbam (Roast Chestnuts)


We love roasted chesnuts in Korea cause they are always so cheap to buy, easy to eat, and prepared ready to go!

The chesnuts are big and fresh, and you don’t have to wait even roasting the chesnuts is usually time consuming. The chestnuts vendors always prepare in advance and keep the chesnuts well roasted whenever you want them. They even saved you the bother to peel them!


5. Tteokbokki


Widly welcomed all seasons of the year, Tteokbokki is especially satisfying in winter. You can always see people crowding around the Tteobokki stove in winter streets, cause it is the best to eat them hot!

Other than having Tteokbokki alone, you can also have some fried stuffs and Kimbap together with Tteokbokki, the sweet and spicy sauce of Tteokbokki adds flavors to both of them, and can really warm you up from the inside.

6. Kkochi Eomuk (fish cake skewers)


Among so many kinds of fish cakes in Korea, fish cake skewer is fast, easy and one of the most popular choices of street food stands.

One fish cake skewer and a small paper cup of soup could soon warm you up in a minute and then you are ready to go! Cheapest and fastest treat for people who don’t really have much time to stop to eat.


If you are already hungry and want to try all of them, here’s the good news:

Each of them is usually no more than 3,000won, and Hotteoks, Hoppangs, and fish cake skewers are just around 1,000won each!! Try them when you visit Korea!


*Information & Pictures from VisitKorea


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