Get refreshed at the FIRST CLASS Healing Cafe in South Korea

Aiplane enthusiasts may find this cafe very much pleasing, not to exclude others. Themed with first class flight features, customer may experience pleasing moments enjoying light meals and coffees while getting refreshed. The cafe were inspired by needs to have healing moments in the busy, modern life of city citizens.

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The healing course variates from three main features. Entry that only costs about 6,000~7,000won for 15 minutes allows tired shoppers  to pamper themselves with a short but relaxing moments.

  • Body massage chair
  • Eye massage
  • Drinks and waffle set


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Each cabins provides semi private area for customers giving off the first clas flight experience vibe. Customers may have relaxing time after a tiring day without having to worry about stares from others. Not to mention, cabin windows that are designed with clouds view are very calming too!

Photo from Thefirstclass

Photo from Nikonblog

Windows that are designed with white and fluffy clouds not only give away dreamy vibes, but also perfect for calming those tired minds and bodies! While giving your ownself the special treatment, you don’t have to worry about your gadgets as all cabins are equipped with ports to power up your kits.

This first class airplane theme cafe are available at few places. Do check them out if when you are here in South Korea!

  • Road Shop (Hongdae Branch)
  • Lotte Mart (Seoul Station Branch)
  • Lotte Department Store (Cheongryangri Branch)
  • Lotte Mall (Jamsil Branch)
  • Lotte Mall (Gimpo Branch)
  • Hyundae Outlet (Gasan Branch)


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