Gangchon Railbike – Amazing experience outside of SEOUL!

Railbike is a very popular tourist attraction where people can pedal along the old railroad tracks, and get spectacular views of South Korea’s scenery!

In Korea, there are around 10 places for Rail Bike which consists of a disused railway. Gangchon Railbike Park is in Gapyeong, near Nami Island and Petite France.

Gangchon Rail Bike in Gimyujeong station is the most popular rail park in Korea! It is one of nearest from Seoul. It’s mostly downward which makes you feel like you are riding a roller-coaster at some point and involves the least amount of legwork.

Gim Yujeong was a famous novelist in Korea and he was born here! Therefore the station is named Gimyujeong station. The inside of Rail park was decorated by many Korean books.

You can wait in the lounge and have some snack!

Ticket of railbike. The course time is about 1 hour 30 minutes, including 50 mins of rail bike + 20 mins break time at Transfer Station + 20 mins of romantic train ride~
You can also choose for a two-seater rail bike or a four-seater rail bike.

Railbike usually operates every 1 hour.


It is not hard to ride, it goes very smoothly so no need to worry! You will be able to enjoy beautiful and natural sceneries as well as fresh air during your ride!


On the other hand, there are several tunnels with exciting music and lights! It’s so cool!

This tunnel is bubble tunnel.

After that, there is a 20 minutes break time at the transfer station. There is a cafe here where you can get some food and drinks~

After the break, you will return by taking this little train~!

Although the transportation is not very complicated, we recommend you to join the one day tour in order to get there in a more comfortable way~

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By subway: Gimyujeong Station (Gyeongchun Line), Exit 1. Walk approx. 4 min.

Course Time
1 hour 30 minutes (50 mins of rail bike + 20 mins break time at Transfer Station + 20 mins of romantic train ride)

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