FW Trend in Korea- Burgundy Lips / Dried Roses Lips

Korean Women lip trend- dried roses lips

If you are a follower of Korean beauty trends, you might have noticed that this years autumn/winter trend is “dried roses” lips!

But what exactly is dried roses?


Photo courtesy of Writingupastorm

Dried Roses, also known as Marsala, Burgundy, or Wine shades has been very popular since the beginning of this Fall, and there are many talented Korean makeup artists as well as normal people reviewing swatches online! You can find that most Korean and international brands carry one or a few shades in these colors, but it really depends on your skin tone, makeup style, and lip shape!

Tempted to go buy some new lipstick?

In order to help our readers, we thought we could introduce some Korean affordable brands that are carrying similar shades, and link back to their official websites!

Most of our links are in Korean, but do not fear! You can buy them offline at the stores, and because we give you the official name it is easier for you to find it!

roses1 roses2


Has a beautiful collection called “dried flowers” that captures the shade of flowers once they are dried, and what we love is that they have beautifully deep and intense shades, but also lighter, subtler shades! The lip product is called “Creamy Tint Color Balm, Velvet”, and comes in 9 different shades!

You can find them in Korea at a Aritaum  branch! (They cost about 9,000 won each online at the Amore Pacific Website!!)

Buy Online on the Amore Pacific Website (In Korean)

Detail on products used on Facebook (In Korean)

Direct link to the Lip Product  (In Korean)



The collection from InnisFree is park of their “Real Fit” Lipstick line, and it is said to be soft and comfortable, and give your lips color without weighing it down! There are 10 different shades, but the one on the model is “Latte Rose”, (number 8) and they cost about 12,000 won each. 

Detail on Products on the Official Website (In Korean)



Espoir also has a very nice collection that is part of “The Knit” collection. Available in 3 shades, it costs 19,000 won.

Detail on Products on the Official Website (In Korean)



Skinfood has taken to using the word Masala (after Marsala Wine) and have created a “Bitter Sweet Marsala” Collection. Instead of releasing a lipstick, they have released two different lip products, one is a Vita Color Watery Rouge (10,000 won each) and the other is Vita Color Tint Oil (12,000 won each).

Product Detail for Vita Color Watery Rouge and Vita Color Tint Oil (In Korean)



Last by not least, TonyMoly has released a line of makeup called “The Stage”, with the perfect lips lip top, that come in 4 beautiful shades! (11,800 won each!)

Product Detail on Official Website (In Korean)

Photos Courtesy of cstimes

So what do you think? What about taking Korea’s trend for a spin, using some affordable Korean products?

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