Four main parts for shopping in Express Bus Terminal, Seoul

As we all know that this station was originally constructed for the major transportation hub in Seoul where we can take buses to cities across Korea. However, when the quantity of visitors grown, this place now becomes one of the great shopping centers now in Seoul, and it divides four parts for you to shop.


Shinsegae Department Store


Shinsegae is Korea’s first department store, and in here, you can access diverse international/ Korean luxury brands, cosmetics and clothes!



Famille street


Connected to Shinsegae Department Store, famille street is filled with Korean domestic fashion and cosmetics brands. You can easily find special designed clothing and accessories with great price here.


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Famille station


Great food court just right under the Famille street,lots of popular international, Korean and Western restaurants, once you come here, you will only feel hungry for more.


Underground shopping center(Goto mall)


Huge underground shopping center here with about 600 stores of variations, attract not only Korean girls come but tourists as well for good quality but cheap clothing , shoes, cosmetics or even interior products!

To come here:

Take subway Line 9 or Line3 and get off at Express Bus Terminal station!



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