For our male readers- must visit men stores in Korea!

Part II on our Men Store Recommendations!

After sharing some insight into a famous and popular mens store last week, we wanted to share some more with our readers! The following three are located in Seoul and have many branches- so we collected them all in one handy google map! If you are checking out Hongdae (Hongik University), Myeongdong, Itaewon or Cheongdamndong anyways, what about peeking into these famous and popular stores?

They provide something interesting for the men to do, but also for the women!

Visit the GOOGLEMAP Here

1. San Francisco Market

Was created by a Korean Fashion Expert who thought there should be more in Korea’s market reminiscent of San Francisco’s chic and easy image. The store carries a variety of different brands and also on the website some womens clothing, and emphasizes brands and labels that have neverbeen introduced in Korea before, especially with a casual and chic image.

Visit the official website!

The stores themselves have a very elegant image, and seem more suited for the small and posh streets of London than Seoul! But they are very well decorated and pleasing to the eye- so a great place to visit once, even if you are just looking for souvenirs! (We love buying the small hankerchief squares as presents!)

Visit the Facebook Page or follow them on Instagram!

2. MSK Shop

We love MSK because the one stand alone store makes it a unique shopping itinerary, and it has quite a large following amongst Korean fashion icons!

They have a lot of items that work well for both men and women (especially the snapbacks! The hats above are sooo cool!)

The store is simple, a bit more sporty and casual- we think its perfect for the men and women who like to borrow their significant other’s sweaters and jackets.

If you find this store interesting, visit their Official website, Facebook page or follow them on Instagram for some new ideas!

3. Kasina


Our third recommendation is the sportiest of the group, Kasina! Most of their stores have a line of sports apparal that are trendy, hip, and very in fashion, so it is perfect for the men and women who want to buy something to wear that isn’t too fancy! They have a very generous line of shoes, and often do collaborations for shoes and accessories (such as sunglasses!).


Men are as shoe-crazy as women!


These look like they will make great presents- for men and women!

kasina16Are you a fan of these shirts? We are!

Photos Courtesy of Skgktnek

If you want to check out more products from Kasina, visit their Official Website, follow them on Facebook, or check out their Instagram account!

There are a lot of amazing Korean designers and stores for both men and women, as well as stores like the ones mentioned here that carry a large variety of products by many designers!

So what about visiting a menstore in Korea?

It will be a great experience!

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