Flights to Jeju Island : compare 7 airlines

Flights to Jeju Island from Seoul is served by five low-cost carriers(LCC) in addition to Korean Air and Asiana Air. LCC flights may come with some inconveniences but they can help you cut down the budget. We’ve summarized key facts and reservation tips in one page for foreigners to compare in a glance.

 Make sure to use Internet Explorer when booking on Korean websites, instead of Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc. since they are mostly optimized for IE.

1. Jin Air

· Luggage check-in: Free allowance 15kg
Additional ₩10,000 for bikes and surfboards· Seats: 3-3 seating, small aircraft, no assigned seating
· Price: Average
10% discount for more than 2 family members traveling together
Weekday flights in afternoons are the cheapest
Occasional special deals (e.g. Early Bird – ₩18,900)
· Useful information & Fun facts: Owned by Korean Air
Stewardesses in Jeans, thus named Jin Air

2. Jeju Air

· Luggage check-in: Free allowance 15kg
· Seats: Not too small, not too big
· Price: Average
· Useful information & Fun facts:
Ground staff and flight crews don’t speak much English
Customer service not available during weekends
Offer Balloons to children during the flight
· Tips: Online booking system glitch – almost impossible to book
Instead, you can try reservation hotline: 1599-1500
(very helpful service in English)
or send an email to with flight No., timing and the destination.
Online deals might not be available on hotline

3. Eastar Jet

· Luggage check-in: Free allowance 15kg
· Seats: Very clean and good interior design
· Price: Very good deals throughout the year (e.g. ₩24,900 including tax)
· Useful information & Fun facts: Flight attendance don’t speak fluent English
Fun games with passengers during the flight (Rock-paper-scissors)
Additional 5% discount at duty free shop for Eastar Jet ticket holders
· Tips : Contact number and Korean ID fields often cause trouble during reservation. Try entering your local phone number straight from country code, area code to phone number, e.g. 65214367827 and leaving the Korean ID field blank.

4. T’way Air

· Luggage check-in: Free allowance 15kg
· Price: Cheapeast fares for domestic flights
Often times, one way is offered at ₩35,000 for early birds
· Useful information & Fun facts: Check-in queue can be extremely long (arrive early!)
Crews speak relatively good English
Website not in English
· Tips: If the website is not in English, how do I book?
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5. Air Busan

· Luggage check-in: Free allowance 15kg
· Price: Some good deals – Early Bird fares
₩21,840 if booked 6 months earlier
· Seats: Quite capacious in comparison with other LCC
Cancellation fee – only ₩1,000
· Useful information & Fun facts: Luggage check-in not very strict on the weight
Very good service and aircrafts like Korean Air
(Some even have monitors if you are lucky!)
Departure every 30 minutes from Seoul
Small gifts offered to passengers by lot

And of course there are Korean Air and Asiana Airlines.

Korean Air

Asiana Airlines

* Note: All the aforementioned airlines’ flights to Jeju island are slightly less than an hour, hence no meals, but complimentary drinks are offered. They mostly operate Gimpo – Jeju route, but check in advance. They all offer international routes as well, which could work for your itinerary.
* Note: Jeju Island often has storms passing by which sometimes gets flights cancelled. Airlines operating smaller aircrafts tend to cancel slightly more often for safety reasons so leave some slack when planning your itinerary.
*** Instead of the respective airline website, Koreans often use flight ticket price comparison websites to find the lowest price.
Best of luck to you all and bon voyage!

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