First Time Visit Korea? This Is The Complete Guide

South Korea still becoming one of the favorite holiday destinations for many people. Have a plan to Visit Korea? In order not to be confused with various things, here we wanna share the complete guide for you. Starting from information about transportation, culture, food and where to meet your favorite K-Pop idol.

  • Preparation Before Flying to Korea

For information, South Korea has 7 international airports with incheon Airport as the main airport.

  1. Best Time To Visit Korea

When discussing when the best time to visit Korea the answer is depending on the wishes of each traveler. South Korea has 4 seasons which have its own plus minus.

Winter in Korea can reach minus 16 degrees, but you can play snow and also ski. Spring is the time to see flowers bloom in Korea, especially sakura. Summer in Korea is similar to the dry season and generally more crowded because there are many tourists who visit in the framework of summer break. Autumn in Korea offers interesting city scenery because many trees are changing to leaf color and the air temperature is not too cold either.

2. Airplane Ticket

You can choose a full service aircraft or LCC (Low Cost Carrier) that can be tailored to the holiday budget. Airplane tickets to Korea are generally fluctuating.

The best way to find cheap tickets to Korea :

Looking for tickets from far-away days
Aware with promo from LCC airline
Want to consider taking a transit flight
Always compare the price of airfare from various websites

3. Where To Stay?

The next thing to be prepared is where to stay? Korea has many alternative places to stay that can be tailored to the budget, start from guesthouse to hotels. You can search for cheap hotels in Seoul or other cities in Korea through our website to get the best accommodation in terms of cost and location.

4. Itinerary

This is your first time visit Korea?

Depending on your holiday destination to South Korea, be sure to make an itinerary to prevent wasting time while in Korea.

Especially if you choose a short holiday, you should be very clever to set the itinerary for the sake of visiting the desired places. Examples include mandatory Namsan Seoul Tower, Nami Island, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Gwanghwamun Square, Myeongdong and Seoullo 7017.

  • When in South Korea

After preparing all the things you need, finally you got to Korea, yay! There are many interesting things to know about this country. Make sure you have complete information, at least general knowledge about Korea.

    1. Transportation

For transportation in South Korea is quite cheap. Public transportation that can be found are taxis, buses and subway. To facilitate the mobilization, do not forget to buy a T-Money similar to emoney that can be used to pay public transportation and can also be used in some convenient stores.

In addition, in Seoul there are also many free tours to visit various popular tours. You can ride the Seoul City Tour Bus which stops at popular Seoul attractions. For other free tour schedules can be viewed directly on the website of Korean Tourism Office.

2. Foods

In addition to music, Korean foods also one of the most coveted when visiting this country. All the foods you’ve seen at K-dramas can be searched in every corner of the city. For the Muslims, mostly Halal Foods can be found near Itaewon area.

Start from street food, convenient stores until restaurants, tasting typical Korean food must be done if you visiting Korea. Food prices in South Korea around 4,000 – 5,000 Won for a standard menu or snack and for an expensive menu can be above 15,000 won.

3. WIFI and Sim Card

Internet has become a mandatory requirement wherever we go. Not only to upload holiday photos to social media, internet is very useful to find information about Korea, location of subway station, train departure schedule, online ticket reservation, translate and many more.

You can use many free wi-fi hotspots scattered in many areas of Seoul. Another solution could be to buy a Korean SIM Card. Or you can rent a pocket wifi that can be used for multiple smartphones.

4. Shopping

South Korea is also known as a fun place for shopping, from fashion to cosmetics with affordable prices. Make sure you have enough budget if you want to shopping! Do not crazy to spend cash and shop too much. Remember, excess baggage in international carriers is more stringent and the rules of carrying goods in the trunk are also tight.

So do not forget to check whether the purchased goods can be brought to your country or not, remember the strict immigration regulations on this matter. Baggage weight also needs to be considered if you do not want to pay additional charges due to excess baggage!

  • Meet your favourite K-pop Idols

For those of you who really want to see your favourite K-pop artist, there are several ways that you can do generally depends on the luck.

  1. Going To Gangnam

Gangnam is an area where you can find the music agency office in Korea, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, Cube Entertainment and FNC Entertainment . Many tourists who are fans of the artist who came from the agency are willing to wait in front of the agency office to see their favorite artist . Some are lucky to meet, some are not.

In Gangnam there is also K-Star Road which is a paradise for K-Pop lovers. Along this road there are many Gangnam dolls from various well-known groups, such as EXO, BTS, TVXQ and others. If you are lucky you can meet the artist / actor around Gangnam who is famous as a high-class area in Seoul.


2. Going To SM Town Artrium in Coex

For you fans of K-Pop idol from SM Entertainment like EXO, SNSD, TVXQ, Red Velvet and others, you should go to SMTOWN Coex Artium which is part of Coex Mall, Gangnam. You can take subway and stop at Samseong Station (Line 2) and exit 5 and 6 exits.

Consisting of 6 floors, this place is a paradise for those of you who want to hunt merchandise and if lucky you can run into SM artists.

The first floor is an entrance that is usually decorated with interesting ornaments.
The 2nd floor is a SUM (Celebrity Shop) which is a merchandise store. Here you can find official goods from every artist, from dolls to shoes.
Floor 3 is an SMTOWN Studio where you can be an impromptu artist and take a tour to studio training, recording and studio photos.
4th floor there is SUM Cafe where you can eat and relax while enjoying favorite song from SMTOWN artist. The chairs at this cafe are also signed directly by SM artists! Good luck finding them.
Floors 5 and 6 are SMTOWN Theater commonly used by SM for musical hologram and concert performances, live music, fan meeting and showcase. There is also a photo box with SM artist frames and lots of spots to take pictures with SM artists.

Address : 서울특별시 강남구 삼성1동 영동대로 513

3. Going To Music Show

As a part of the music industry that gets a lot of world attention, South Korea has many music events that always bring K-Pop artist who just released the newest album. There’s The Show from SBS MTV, Music Bank from KBS, Inkigayo from SBS and M Countdown from Mnet. Fans can attend this music show show for free with some procedure.

If you want to attend music show in Korea, you need to register directly from the website of each music event, can be through the official fanclub and also take the quiz with free prize from KTO which is often held in social media. If you can not go inside, waiting on the outside just had the opportunity to see favorite artists coming in and coming out of the building music show.



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