Fine Turkish Restaurant in Seoul – Pasha

Feeling like trying some Turkish food? We’ve got the exactly right place for you!

Pasha is a traditional Turkish restaurant based in Seoul, the Turkish owner has brought real fine Turkish cuisine to Korea!!

Pasha has many locations in Seoul, and we are visiting one of them in Itaewon area. Before you go, don’t forget to check BnBHero‘s site and blog (Restaurant Discount Coupons), cause there’s special discount coupon!!

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Our discount sign, amazing!

All their beautiful decorations go with traditional Turkish style, I really loved their exquisite patterned plates! The owner and waiters are also Turkish people, you would even wonder if you’re still in Korea lol.

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Inside view of Pasha


They have very extensive menus including traditional Kebab, vegetarian, kid’s menu, special sets, and lunch buffet. The Kebab main dishes offer choices from beef to lamb to chicken, you can always find something you like. Some of the prices seem little expensive, but we also recommend the lunch buffet, and besides, don’t forget your special discount!

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They also have Turkish pizza Pita, which is not commonly seen around Seoul. If you want to try some traditional Turkish pizza, Pasha is also a good choice!

File 9-27-15, 11 03 42 PM

Turkish Pizza


There’s a special lunch buffet for you to try as many kinds of foods as you like, and whenever you order a main dish (Kebab), you are free to enjoy the salad bar unlimitedly as well. Isn’t it perfect!!

File 9-27-15, 11 03 54 PM  File 9-27-15, 11 03 01 PM

File 9-27-15, 11 03 18 PM

~~~Kebab Menu~~~

The salad bar has fruits, salads, cookies, soup, Turkish desserts, and even melted chocolate~ You’ll love this if you’re into sweet food~

File 9-27-15, 10 57 12 PM

File 9-27-15, 10 54 27 PM

File 9-27-15, 10 55 17 PM

Salad Bar

Everything is so stylish and it’s a quite different experience to have Turkish meals in Korea. But this one is a good one!

File 9-27-15, 10 54 13 PM
File 9-27-15, 10 56 37 PM

Large Lemonade enough for two
(Can be refilled with soda or cola after finished ^^)

The Kebab here is really delicious! Even it’s your first time trying Turkish food, this won’t disappoint you. Most of the Kebab are served with baked vegetables including sweet pepper, tomato, and aubergine. For this Beyti Sarma, the meat is very well flavored and grilled, and nice enough without the yogurt.

The yogurt added the cheesy taste but the sour helped not to make it too strong or greasy, a quite nice match if you like cheesy food~

File 9-27-15, 10 57 34 PM

File 9-27-15, 11 00 35 PM

File 9-27-15, 11 00 46 PM  File 9-27-15, 11 02 15 PM

Beyti Sarma (Wrapped beef kebab with yogurt)

File 9-27-15, 11 02 30 PM

Tavuk Pirzola (Chicken Chops)

File 9-27-15, 10 56 22 PM

Desserts from the salad bar

The location of Itaewon branch is : 123-33 Itaewon 1(il)-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, just a little walk from Exit 2 of Subway Line 6 Itaewon Station.


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