How to Get to Nami Island : A Useful Traveler's Guide

Planning on visiting the famous Nami Island? (Known as Namiseon Island) We’ve listed all the things you need for a useful and worry-free to the half-moon-shaped island!
Maybe you’ve known the island because of a K-drama. The legendary Winter Sonata filmed here and they were given a spot on the island for photo opportunities.
Seen a friend or colleague with beautiful photos of the lined tree? Worried if it’s worth time and travel? And you don’t know what really to expect on the place. Here’s our guide for you!

Photo credit: Nami island official website

1. How to get to Nami Island

 ➡ Address: 1024, Bukhangangbyeon-ro, Gapyeong-eup, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

1) By Public Transportation
(1) Go to Gapyeong Station by Subway (Metro) or ITX 
 ➡  Subway:  Go to Gapyeong station(Gyeongchun Line). It takes 90-120 minutes from Seoul to Gapyeong station by subway
 ➡  ITX:  At Yongsan station, take ITX train to Gaypyeong station. It takes about 60 minutes from Yongsan station to Gapyeong station.
 💡 For more information and booking on ITX, you can check the KTX website.
(2) Arriving at Gapyeong station, choose among 4 ways to go to Nami island. No worries, you will not get confused as the station has one exit (EXIT 1).
  • Taxi
    Price ranges from 4000-5000 Korean won and it will take around 2 to 3minutes from Gapyeong station to Nami island. It’s easy to locate the cars as the Taxi stand is near Information center
  • Gapyeong City Tour Bus
    For 6,000 Korean won, you can get to the island with this. Take note, this is only recommended to people who want  the tour course. The Gapyeong city tour bus as 2 stops from Gapyeong station to Nami Island. We don’t recommend this to those who wants to visit Island only.  Gapyeong City tour bus stop is located near the information center ( do not get confused with the intra/city bus stop). For detailed information, visit their website here. *Note: English page is not working properly, better to use Google translate for the page. Also, do not change the language with the language button.
  • City Bus
    For an affordable transportation, you can take the city bus with number 33-5 or 33-36. You can use your T-money card to pay the fare (1250 Korean won per person). It takes 5-10 minutes to reach Nami Island from Gayeong station. Bus arrives almost every 20 to 30 minutes.
  • By Walking
    You can also reach the island via walking. This is not recommended for all. If you can handle a 20 minute walk, you can definitely try this. Not advisable  on winter or summer. Not suitable for young one and elderly too.

2) By Shuttle Bus:

If you want a hassle-free ride in going to Nami Island, take the shuttle bus. Nami island company operates the direct shuttle bus service (Seoul stop <-> Nami island)
You can hop on the bus from  Insadong, Namdaemun or Myeongdong pickup point.
Book the shuttle bus ticket or shuttle bus + entrance ticket package on Indiway ➡ website.

3) By One Day Tours:

You can choose from our famous Nami Island packages for a well planned itinerary and hassle free transportation. All three tour recommendations comes with Shuttle Bus as transportation.
  • Nami Island and Petite France Tour – For only 40,000 Korean won, you’ll get a tour of both Nami Island and Petite France + shuttle bus as your transportation. Popular for Korean show lovers (My Love From The Star, Running Man etc.)
  • Nami island, Petite France and Gangchon Railbike – Visit 3 famous destinations in Gapyeong in one day! After sight seeing at Nami Island and Petite France, go on an fun activity by riding the railbike with beautiful countryside scenery. You can book it ➡ here.
  • Nami island, Petite France, and Garden of the Morning Calm – If you want to see the picture perfect garden that was inspired by Indian poet Sir Tagore, you better book this package. “Love in the Moonlight” filmed here as well. You can book it ➡ here.

 4) By Private Van:

If you’re touring with a group or you want to transport privately, we offer different types of vans suited for the people you’re with. From 4 seater to 44 seater bus, we can accommodate you.
Navigate to our  website and you can enter your starting point to the destination. We will offer you the best way possible in booking a van suited for the number of people traveling.

2. No worries about food in Nami Island!

There are many restaurants both near the ferry dock and inside of Nami island. The price of restaurants is quite expensive comparing from outside. For Muslims, some restaurants near Nami island serve Halal Dakgalbi.  The popular dish at the Island is Dakgalbi (spicy chicken bbq). On other restaurants, you can choose Doshirak (lunchboxes), Italian pizza, and other traditional Korean dishes.

3. Each Season has it’s unique charm

Any time of the year, you can experience a different vibe from Nami Island.

Winter – Average Temperature on Winter season goes around -4 to 4°C. The island will be covered with snow and you can recreate “Winter Sonata” or even be an Elsa (from movie “Frozen“) for a day. No need to worry about being cold, there will be campfires and hot snack sellers.
Spring – If your dream is to see Cherry Blossoms the perfect place to go to is the Island. With temperature ranging from 4 to 12°C, you can stroll around and take your sakura picturesque dream. But you have to take note, these flowers come by quickly so always check updates on when it will bloom in Nami Island.
Summer –  Nami Island is really popular during summer even to the locals. Perfect for active things to do such as biking, zip-line, and kids can also have a dip in the hotel’s pool.
Fall – Expert says Fall is the best time to travel in Seoul and the island will give you the best experience of Fall Foliage! The scenery can’t be explained in words. Nami Island will just be painted with red and orange scheme perfect for a day trip. You should also check out Baekpungmilwon Garden with over 300 maple trees!

4. What to wear at Nami Island

Travellers shared that it’s colder at Nami Island in winter. So make sure to put on several clothes and winter jackets. In spring or autumn, wear light jackets and trench coats to keep you warm. For summer, make sure to dress comfortable and if you’re thinking of riding the zip line or the bike, don’t wear short skirts.

5. Fun experiences in Nami island

1) Zipline

Are you into extreme activities? Why not try the zip wire in entering Nami Island. You will arrive in the fastest and extreme way. No need to worry of getting scared! You’ll be flabbergasted with the beautiful view.  But when you return to the city, you need to take a ferry instead of zip wire.
✓ For zip-wire, height limit is 140cm – 200cm and the weight limit is 35kg – 120kg
✓ Price: ₩44,000 (Zipwire + Nami island entrance fee)

Photo Credit: VisitKorea

2. Bike Riding 

One way to enjoy Nami Island is bike riding. If you want to know more about renting a bike, you can see detailed information on their website. Note that you can only pay cash for the rental.

➡ Check out one-day tours for Nami island here