Explore the real Incheon Airport Terminal 2


As we know, Incheon Terminal 2 began operations on January 18th, 2018, which has been equipped with a five-story building up to serve over 18 million passengers a year.

Today we are going to show you the real pictures taken in terminal 2, not the official advertising ones, to see whether the terminal 2 is as awesome as its reported news.


When we arrive at the terminal 2, we could clearly know where we came from, and the visitors could know where they could go by direction signs.


Then, there are some food corners here, such as hamburger, juice, Korean restaurant.




Passengers are not crowded as terminal 1 and it’s super clean and super bright! Here leaves a good impression for visitors.


They also serve data plan for the mobile phone. Passengers could easily buy a prepaid sim card or rental wifi eggs after their arriving.

The English direction is clear enough. I think as long as we follow the direction we won’t get lost!




Then we are arriving departure hall. It’s so wide and clean as well.



Ha! I also found this. You could double check your suitcase weight before you check in.


Now we are in the duty-free zone. Since visitors are not many (Or because the space is so wide!) we could take our time and buy something souvenirs casually.





So far I have been satisfied with Incheon airport terminal 2! When your flight also has an arrival/departure in terminal 2, no worries, you would have a great time here. 🙂

You could find more info here: Incheon airport official website


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