Everland in Korea – Animal Themed Tour – DO NOT OPEN THIS ARTICLE

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One of the great ways to bond with family and friends is to share a fun experience together. Everland offers not only the exciting amusement park experiences with crazy rides but also unique animal-themed programs in the zoo.

1. Theme One: Panda World

My favorite animal experience at Everland is the Panda World. In March 2016, a pair of Chinese giant pandas named, “Le Bao” and “Ai Bao” arrived from Sichuan, China to South Korea. It attracted a lot of attention from the media around the world since their arrival was meaningful for the animal research and adaptation and the diplomatic relationship between South Korea and China. Symbols of panda are friendship and peace. Chinese people adore pandas – in recent years, panda became the national emblem of China.
Everland welcomed the panda couple by dedicating a group of staff and the ‘Panda World’. The Panda World in Everland is 3,300-suare-meter and it provides truly a special experience for the visitors with cool high-tech integrated devices to interact with Pandas and to learn about their traits and likes. There are free shows at the different corners throughout the facilities. You can meet these lovely pandas in person indoor or outdoor at the Panda World.
The Panda world is good for a family experience since it is special and educational for both adults and children.
For tickets, check out the Everland Discount Tickets for all excess or Q-Pass.  If you would like to include a convenient transportation right at the door of Everland, consider getting the Everland Shuttle Bus & Discount Ticket Package.
In addition, Everland offers a special musical series called ‘Panda Le Bao’s Adventure’. Watching the show makes the entire experience more holistic and interesting. The running time is 30 mins and make sure to check the schedules and the location to see if the show runs on the day that you are trying to visit.


2. Theme Two: Everland Lost Valley

Another great adventure is the Lost Valley Safari experience. What’s great about is that you feel like you are in the middle of wild nature with exotic animals coming at you or spot some of the rare animals on the specialized convertible amphibian vehicle.
The vehicle drives you from water to land where approximately 150 unique animals from different parts of the world roam freely and coexist like they would do in the wilderness. You can enjoy the outdoor breeze on a safe vehicle to get a peek of the lives of its resident animals through caves, waterways, lakes, waterfalls, and more. For this experience, since it is the outdoor adventure with the real animals, keep in mind that in the case of sub-zero temperature, snowfall, strong wind in the winter, the exhibition of animals may be limited for the protection of animals. Therefore, the best time for this adventure is Spring, Summer or Autumn.
Tour hours: 10:30-18:00
Duration: 20-30 min
💡Everland Lost Valley Special Tour:

  • Small group experience (6 people vs. 40 people max. on the vehicle)
  • Avoid long queues
  • Opportunity to feed the animals or watch them at close proximity

Also, consider signing up for an education program, the ‘Baby Animal Session’ at the Lost Valley if you are with children. For an extra cost, the kids can interact with the animals one-on-one and learn about their origin, traits or characters of the animals that they interact with (the program is in Korean only).


3. Theme Three: Safari World

The Safari World is more edge version of the outdoor animal tour on a vehicle. Here, you will be able to see some of the top predators in the food chain. It features lions, tigers, and bears and if you are lucky, you will see them 30cm away from the vehicle. They are careless and fearless to approach you but you will be safe in the vehicle to see them up close.
Tour hours: 10:40-17:00
Duration: 30 min
 💡  Everland Safari Special Tour:

  • Smaller group (6 people vs. 20 people max. on the vehicle)
  • Avoid long queues
  • Opportunity to feed the animals or watch them at close proximity
  • Guided by a professional ranger (limited language availability)

To respect the animals and their habitat, the access may be limited in the winter season due to its harsh weather, so make sure to plan ahead and consider the best time to visit in Spring, Summer or Autumn season. Besides the animal attractions, there are plenty of on-going special seasonal events throughout the year. You will be always in time for a special experience!