Everland Resort entertains visitors all year long with various rides, festivals like Global Fair, theme parks including Magic Land, European Adventure and Zootopia, perfect for a great amusement park.

  • Try some interesting but not scare attractions at  American Adventure 




A hurricane that swept through a village in the Western era now awaits you! Give in to the force of this megaton-grade tornado ride, which spins about 19 meters above the ground, and experience all the thrills of a powerful hurricane. Must be taller than 130cm


championship Rode

Enjoy a dance party, spinning around and around with an array of catchy songs. Who will be the best rodeo rider ever? Be a rodeo champion, and enjoy a tough rodeo riding experience!


Columbus Adventures


Ride the ship that Columbus once sailed and began the great adventure to a new continent! A dizzying Viking ship falls from a height of 33 meters, at a 75-degree angle! Experience the new world of thrills!

  • If you like animals, you cant miss the Zootopia
  • A Wild Safari, featuring lions, the kings of the grasslands, tigers, the kings of the jungle, and adorable bears offers visitors the rare opportunity to meet wide variety of animals at a close distance. Children under 4 years of age should board the safari vehicles with their parents or guardians.


  • If you wanna have fun with water at Amazon Express


Let’s take off for the jungle in search of hidden pleasure and fun! The cool splash of water along the 580 meter long water path adds more fun to our adventure A person of 110cm or less must be accompanied by a guardian.


All the pictures are from everland 

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