K-Pop and K-Drama attractions for everyone!

Have you binge-watched your favorite K-Pop music video or Korean drama? How do you connect with your friends and family? A new music video comes out, do you call them? Is this you? Time to pack and visit South Korea with beloved ones who are into K-Pop or K-Drama too.
Answer the follow questions and find your best match!

  1. Want to meet the top K-Pop stars at Hallyu K-Star Road-> See option 1
  2. I want to be a K-Pop Star -> See option 1
  3. I am fantasizing Gong Yoo from Goblin day and night -> See option 2
  4. Korean variety shows are my daily habit -> See option 3
  5. I want a special experience when I visit Korea -> See all the options


Option 1) Hallyu K-Star Road

Did you get knowledge about South Korea after becoming a K-Pop fan? This attraction is made for you, fanatic! Hallyu K-Star Road will show you Gangnam-dol with the Hallyu groups’ representation.


the popular ones in Korea and internationally. These Gangnam-dol is located starting from  Apgujeong Rodeo Station towards Cheongdam intersection.
Whether it’s from the early days of Hallyu stars — Super Junior, FT. Island, Girls Generation and CNBLUE.


Photo credit: Allkpop

Or even to these days’ hot groups EXO and BTS, Hallyu K-Star Road got it all for you!

Photo credit: Gangnam Tourism Center

How to get to Hallyu K-Star Road: Apgujeong Rodeo Station, Exit 2
  • K-Pop Idol Entertainment Buildings

They are walking distance too! Check it out and if luck is in your side, you can meet bias in real life!
Tip: High chances in meeting bias/idol is the preparation stages for their comeback. You’ll know that a group is in the building if there are several people waiting outside too.
Check out this detailed trip on how to get to SM Entertainment, Big Hit Entertainment and more:

Youtube clip : RealAsianBeauty
If you’re dreaming to be a K-Pop Star, try this experience too:

  • K-Pop Recording in Studio

Have the skills or just the guts? You can record your own album ala K-Pop stars! Experience recording your own album in a comfortable studio with a professional music production team. This is an unforgettable lifetime experience.
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Option 2) K-Drama Filming Sets

One reason in visiting Korea is checking out filming sets of popular Korean dramas. This will allow you to see the sites where your favorite K-Drama stars have set their foot on. Imagine yourself to be the character of the drama and experience the beauty plus culture that the place provides you. Here are the dramas you can recognize.

  • Goblin

Goblin is one of the most popular Korean drama. It dominated all over Asia. Gong Yoo, Dong Wook, and Go Eun’s skills in the drama always lingers to my memory. Above anything, the beautiful filming locations of the drama makes me want to visit all.


Photo Credit: tvN

Remember the scene wherein Gong Yoo fetched Go Eun and asked her to stay with him in Seoul? Yes that heart fluttering back hug! It all happened at Yongpyong Resort. This is the filming site where Go Eun had her part time job. Legendary drama Winter Sonata filmed in this resort too. Hit two birds in one stone!
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  • The Legend of the Blue Sea

This drama is inspired by a classic legend from Korea’s unofficial historical tales, about a fisherman who captures and kidnapped a mermaid.

Aqua Planet 63 is in Episode 3 of the series. Sim Chung played by top actress Jun Ji Hyun became an instant star of the mermaid show in the aquarium 🙂
the legend of the blue sea 002

Photo credit: SBS Drama

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  • My Love from the Star


Photo credit: Korea.net

This drama is my favorit as of the moment. Everything about this drama was just fantastic in my opinion. If you agree or not, I will introduce you to a wonderful place where every man and woman will love. It is the N Seoul Tower Observatory.
  • N Seoul Tower

From here, you can see the amazing panoramic view of the city of Seoul day or night. Just like Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun, you can ride on the cable car that will take you to the tower. Disclaimer, the ride will not be a romantic one. It’s crowded with tourist everytime.  You can enjoy an excellent and luxury course meal on top of the tower where the stars filmed one of the scenes in the drama. The restaurant, n.Grill is popular for a dinner date so make sure to reserve your spot in advance.
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  • Nami Island and Petite France

Another filming site from this drama is the Nami Island and Petite France. These two locations are memorable in a cute and romantic way.
Just by looking at the lined-tree in Nami Island, Kim Soo Hyun and actress/gag woman Hong Jin Kyung comes to mind.
my_love_from_the_star_nami_islandmy_love_from_the_star_nami_island Photo Credit: SBS
Such a funny moment and it captured the beauty of the famous line tree too. Winter Sonata is popular for filming here too.
Another site is the Petite France wherein the sweet out of this world kiss happened between Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun.  Why is it out of this world? Well, Kim Soo Hyun used his super powers and made Jun Ji Hyun fly just to kiss her. Isn’t that romantic? In front of Little Prince!


Photo Credit: SBS

Other dramas that filmed here were The Liar and His Lover (2017), Secret Garden (2011) and Personal Taste (2010).
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Option 3) Korean Variety Show is Life

Just like K-Pop and K-Drama, variety shows are popular in Korea and overseas. Running Man, We Got Married,  Infinity Challenge, 1 Night 2 Days etc are the popular ones constantly watched every week. These shows go to various locations and it immediately gets popular after they visit them.
In Running Man, the cast completes the mission to win in an urban setting and the show takes viewers to different landmarks. Below are few of the places you can visit where Running Man filmed.

  • Gangchon Rail Bike

The Gangchon Rail Bike is a fun little ride through the old rail track with amazing view. The activity was featured on 2013’s 144th episode. It became a popular tour site for the Running Man fans after it was aired. Interested in going for a ride? Booking one week in advance at the very least is highly recommend.  The trail is in Gapyeong city, about 1-1.5 hours away from Seoul. The place is easily accessible via public transportation and you may get a chance to catch a free shuttle bus from Gangchon Station back to Gimyoujeong Station. More information is available at ➡ Gangchon Rail Bike Reservation.
➡ You can read “All About Gangchon Rail Bike (Gimyujeong Station) ” for more details.

  • Garosu-Gil

If you are looking for mom-and-daughter or a girl’s day out kind of experiences, I suggest you to check out Garosu-Gil. Encounter boutique shops, both made by the locals of Korea or international brands. Beauty shops, cafes, and restaurants are part of the tourist spots. Run by designers, artists, and stylist who are influenced by western arts/styles that creates a unique atmosphere of fusion between the Asian and the Western culture.
After a long day of shopping, it’s time to eat! You can find Tteokzone, a restaurant where Dynamic Duo had their Tteokbokki – a snack loved by any Korean people, a chewy long cylindrical rice pasta, usually with the Korean hot pepper paste. It is a small humble restaurant for popular Korean street food and snacks. Here you can taste the Curry Tteokbokki which Dynamic Duo ordered in Running Man.
In We Got Married, APINK’s Bomi and actor Tae Joon that acts as a virtual married couple had a sauna date. They tried all the facilities in the Sauna and even had a contest on who can restrain from the heat of the room.

Photo Credit: MBC

  • Supsok Hanbang Land (Korean Dry Sauna)

In this Korean Dry Sauna, you can have different activities: the usual Sauna Facilities, Noraebang (Karaoke), Arcade Games, and more. Korean snack is widely available too.

Photo Credit: MBC

One must try the Korean rice wine and boiled egg in sauna. You can cook sweet potatoes too. Restaurant is available inside too.
we got married kpop

Photo Credit: MBC

Located in Seoul downtown, it is easily accessible to foreigners.
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