Enjoy K-Pop, K-Drama with your friends and family!

How do you connect with your friends and family? Have you binge-watched your favorite Korean drama? Do you send a message to family and friends when the latest K-Pop music video is released? If this sounds like you, it is time to pack your bag and visit South Korea with your K-Pop or K-Drama fan.
Answer the follow questions and find your best match!

  1. Seeing a Bigbang’s concert is on my bucket list -> See option 1
  2. K-Pop makes me dance -> See option 1
  3. I am fantasizing Gong-yo from Goblin day and night -> See option 2
  4. Running Man is my religion -> See option 3
  5. I want a special experience when I visit Korea -> See all the options


Option 1) K-Pop Hologram

You don’t need to wait for your favorite K-Pop group’s tour dates. In South Korea, you can attend their concert every day via hologram. It is not a low-tech engineering of the concert hall either. A superb technology will impress you and your child. It is unbelievably realistic and truly magical. Be ready to interact with the hologram stars and dance at any moment! Better to see than talk, please watch the videos and images below.

  • YG Family Show

    2NE1 Hologram Concert


  • Bigbang Special with Krunk


  • JYP Nation Premiere (Twitter @GOT7Indonesia)

Photo credit: Twitter @GOT7Indonesia
Photo credit: Twitter @GOT7Indonesia

For programs and discount tickets, click K-Live Hologram Concert Discount Tickets.

Option 2) K-Drama Filming Sets

Another journey to the fantasy is visiting the filming sets of the most popular Korean dramas. This will allow you to see the sites where your favorite K-Drama stars have set their foot on. Imagine yourself to be the character of the drama and experience the beauty and the culture that the place provides you. Here are some of the dramas you may recognize.

  • Goblin

Goblin is one of the hottest K-dramas recently ended. But the story of the drama and the faces of Gong Yoo, Dong Wook, and Go Eun still lingers in my head. But most of all, the beautiful backdrops of this drama want me to visit all the places featured.

Photo credit: Jakarta Post
Photo credit: Jakarta Post

During Winter, you can easily arrange the day tour at Goblin – The Lonely and Great God Tour .
Yongpyoung Ski Resort, forest trails nearby and Woljeongsa Temple are the must-visit if you are a Goblin fan. All these places are in Pyeongchang which you will need a full day to tour these places.
You can also visit the Goblin Filming location in Incheon at Oneday Tour to Goblin Filming Location Tour

  • The Legend of the Blue Sea

This drama is inspired by a classic legend from Korea’s unofficial historical tales, about a fisherman who captures and kidnapped a mermaid.

Aqua Planet 63 is in Episode 3 of the series. Sim Chung became an instant star of the mermaid show in the aquarium 🙂
the legend of the blue sea 002
Photo credit: SBS Drama
  • My Love from the Star

This drama is by far my favorite. Everything about this drama was just fantastic in my opinion. If you agree (or even if you don’t agree), I introduce you a wonderful place where every man and woman will love. It is the N Seoul Tower Observatory. From here, you can see the amazing panoramic view of the city of Seoul day or night. Just like Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun, you can ride on the cable car that will take you to the tower. The ride may not be as romantic as you might imagine, given that the place is always crowded with tourist.  You can enjoy an excellent course meal on top of the tower where the stars filmed one of the scenes in the drama. The restaurant, n.Grill is very popular for a dinner date so make sure to reserve your spot in advance.
N-Seoul Tower Observatory Discount Ticket

Photo credit: Korea.net
Photo credit: Korea.net


Option 3) Running Man Challenge

Running Man is the all-time favorite Korean variety show. Its popularity in the East and South East Asia region have been explosive. Many countries including Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Cambodia, and Malaysia air the show and the rating of the show kept growing and China now has its own Running Man series.
In the show, the cast completes the mission to win in an urban setting and the show takes viewers to different landmarks. Below are some of the places you can visit where the show has been filmed.

  • Gangchon rail bike

The Gangchon rail bike is a fun little ride through the old rail track with some amazing views. This activity was featured on the 144 episode of the show in 2013 and since that, it became a popular tour site for the Running Man fans. If you are interested in going for a ride, I highly recommend booking at least one week in advance.  This trail is in Gapyeong city, about 1-1.5 hours away from Seoul. But the place is easily accessible via public transportation and you may be able to catch a free shuttle bus from Gangchon Station back to Gimyoujeong Station. More information is available at ➡ Gangchon Rail Bike Reservation.
Also, you can read “All About Gangchon Rail Bike (Gimyujeong Station) ” for more details.

  • Garosu-Gil

If you are looking for mom-and-daughter or a girl’s day out kind of experiences, I suggest you to check out by Garosu-Gil. Here you will find boutique stores, both Korea native or international along with many beauty shops, coffee shops, and restaurants. Many stores are run by designers, artists, and stylist who are influenced by western arts and styles, creating a unique atmosphere of fusion between the Asian and the Western culture.
By the time you are ready for some snack after a long day of shopping, you can find Tteokzone, a restaurant where Dynamic Duo had their Tteokbokki – a snack loved by any Korean people, a chewy long cylindrical rice pasta, usually with the Korean hot pepper paste. It is a small humble restaurant mostly for popular Korean street food and snacks. Here you can taste the Curry Tteokbokki which Dynamic Duo ordered in Running Man.

  • Spa

As the final destination of the Running Man themed tour, I would end my trip at a nice relaxing spa, Dragon hill Spa where the cast performed the water cannon missions. Here you can have some calm moments with your mom or children. Dragon Hill Spa opens 24 hours and the price is very affordable. In side of the facilities, there are vendors for snacks, a restaurant, a game room, and an outdoor swimming pool.

Photo credit: Lonely Planet
Photo credit: Lonely Planet

Photo credit: Korea Tourism Organization