Emart’s own brand “No Brand” opened in Sinchon!

Emart’s own brand “No Brand” opened in Sinchon! No Brand, which was only can see in Emart, now you can easily available to buy it at Sinchon street!

The brand “No Brand” is good quality with low price. so it has been well received by overseas travelers. Because snacks are cheap and large, many best sellers are cheap and delicious. It has been all the rage in Korea.

Those who like potato chips can try their “Purple sweet potato Chips”, which are their most famous products. It also has the sweetness of sweet potatoes and a touch of saltiness. can’t tolerate stopping eating it.

The cheesehoilc must buy their “Cheddar cheese ball”, the taste of the cheese ball is super rich, although buy one is a big bucket but if eat while watching TV might accidentally eat half a bucket.

If you shopping carefully, you will find that the price of the beer of various brands is half of that of the convenience store. It’s no wonder that just after the opening, the guests are in a constant stream.

The price of brewing beverages such as yuzu tea is more affordable than other places. if there is a chance to go shopping must have to go. It is also super cost-effective to pack back home!

Those who like to eat spicy fried rice cakes can also try their spicy fried rice cakes, which is also a must-buy product.

In addition, if you bring fewer household items, here are everything, such as men’s and women’s underwear, towels, toothbrushes, even extension cords, memory cards!

Compared to the average supermarket, they have fewer fresh foods, especially suitable for tourists to buy snacks or something that can be brought back to the country. Although other brands have fewer things but the “No Brand” is really worth to try, recommend it to everyone!


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