Eco-Friendly Seoul, Eco-Friendly City Hall

Eco-Friendly Seoul, Eco-Friendly City Hall

Who is nagging that “Seoul” is only the place for “Shopping”?  Now the whole city of Seoul is turning into the beautiful scene of Autumn and will be soon naturally designed by wintery white carpeting city for the final season  with people enjoying snow and ski plus K-Pop for fans.  These are not enough, we can have a “touch of  Seoul” as “Eco-friendly Architecture” in the heart of the metropolitan of Korea. That is “Seoul’s City Hall.”


By using recycling energy system in the largest capacity of renewable energy usage comparing to all buildings in Korea whether for private or public sectors, The Seoul Metropolitan Government’s  City Hall can be named one of the most “Eco-Friendly Construction Landmark” in Korea.

Look how the City Hall was converted into the energy-saving building, the City of Seoul government has concentrated on the indoor area and designed it as an Eco Plaza by maximizing the usage of natural heating and cooling system in the area. According to the City Hall, live plants have been  planted in the area of indoor space about 2,000 sq.meters in vertical area.  This megical design  is believed to be named the world’s largest indoor “Green Wall” that will create natural freshness environment with air cleaning and energy saving at the same time, and also becomes the symbol of Seoul’s City Hall.


This eco-friendly new regeneration energy system will provide 28.3% of its overall energy consumption of the established city hall. Its ground floor will be utilized as an Eco Plaza maximizing its air conditioning effects and air purification functions that will make the lobby area turning into the joyful space for the whole year. The Green Wall is covering seven stories high which will keep interior temperatures lower during the summer and clean the air of negative ions.


Not only the capacity for the official administration process but the area also includes cultural facilities for people to enjoy. The previous building of City Hall will be converted into library and was newly named the “Seoul Library” with more than hundred thousand books with 390 seats which will turn into the center of knowledge information.

The eighth and ninth floors of  city hall are multipurpose facilitating of large conferences, presentations, and panel discussions halls accommodating nearly 700 people, while the third and fourth floors have large conference rooms equipped with the area for simultaneous interpretation.  Underground level 1 and 2 will be open for public use with free zone for reading and recreation activities. There is also the space for mini concert or performance over the small stage opening during lunch time for office worker and all walk of people to enjoy the activities.


Moreover, the areas are also reserved for exhibition, or art installation activities, and the area for museum corner with the interior design showing the evident of archaeology through the naked old real earth walls witnessing each era of old community and town in the area.



Transportation Information

Address 110, Sejong-daero, Jung-gu, Seoul
Subway Line 1 City Hall Stn. Exit 5
Line 2 Euljiro 1(il)-gaStn. Exit 1,8


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