Dragon Hill Spa

Maybe you have done sauna in your country before.But if you haven’t tried the korean style sauna,don’t say you try sauna already.

Different from the other countries,korean style sauna can totally blow your mind.

Dragon Hill Spa is the most famous sauna in seoul,it is located near the Youngsan station.As soon as you walk into the alley before the entrance,you can notice that here is classic and beautiful.



You are able to enjoy a variety of rejuvenation programs designed to promote your health and to enrich your sports leisure activities.

You will also amazed by superior spa experience comparable to that of a five-star hotel and top quality facilities, ranging from sports leisure facilities to relaxing saunas, exciting fun zone, and various eateries.


The spa has traditional hard charcoal sauna and multiple sweating bathrooms with the scent of black oak, outdoor bath, salt room, swimming pool and gym.

Indulge yourself into the world of Spa & Resort that will rejuvenate your body and soul from daily fatigue.


Crystal sun salt room is one of the most popular spot for tourist.

Sun salt is natural healing power.It can recharge your energy and vigor in sun salt pyramid.Sun salt is 100% pure salt created after eliminating all harmful substances contained in regular salt, including gas, brine, and heavy metal by heating it at 1000℃ for 42 days.Unlike regular hot steam sauna, the sun salt room makes you perspire from deep within your body a lot even at temperature of as low as 40℃, detoxifying your body by discharging wastes in capillary vessels, generating self-healing capacity and slowing down skin aging by contracting cells stretched blood circulation disorders and obesity.


This is the Hinoki woodland room which is made of Kiso Hinoki that endured some 300 years of wind and storm. Hinoki wood is known as a gift of God for its beautiful grain and scent and Japanese people in the old days used Hinoki as a bathtub for royal family.

Hinoki features excellent efficacy in therapeutic forest walk, sterilization, skin treatment and its unique natural scent know as “Hinoki thiol’ is natural antibacterial material that tranquilizes your body and mind.It also features no side effect and shows excellent efficacy in treating allergy and asthma as well as in purifying indoor air quality to the level of that of forest by neutralizing harmful substances to provide you with genuine relaxation.


And here is the ice room.This is an ionic ice room that originates from Seokbinggo-dong, Yongsan where ices were kept in natural refrigerator during the Chosun dynasty.
Cool breeze on the entrance of Seokbinggo makes you feel clean oxygen and its cool temperature contracts pores and blood vessels expanded by heat, stimulating and revitalizing our skin cells. It also activates your immune system, eliminates find wrinkles on your face and revitalizes your skin while being effective in treating various skin troubles.

After all these healing zone rooms,you can enjoy the sauna.Plunge your body into the hot bath and you will feel your body and heart wind down and relax, promoting blood circulation and muscle relaxation. It is particularly effective in preventing sudden increase of blood pressure for those who suffer from high blood pressure.


After enjoy all these bath experience,you can also do skin care,nail art,in Dragon Hill spa.Moreover,if you come here a lot,you can also join their fitness club.They also provide orientation training and personal training.

Due to these excellent facilities,you can probably spend your all day here to try the korean style sauna and make yourself happy.


Here is the way how to get Dragon Hill Spa.Take the Exit No.1 from KTX Station or Yongsan Subway Station (Line No.1) and walk for about one minute.


Address:Dragon Hill Spa & Resort, 40-712, Hangangno 3-ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

English Information: 010-4223-0001

If you have a hard time to find it, you can call their information desk.

Dragon Hill Spa everyday opened.As to the admission fee for adult ₩12,000(Korean currency) during day time (AM05:00~PM20:00)And  ₩14,000(Korean currency) evening time during (PM20:00~AM05:00)And national holidays for ₩14,000.


Hope you have a special experience of korean sauna.

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