{ Dookki } an unlimited refill buffet of tteokbokki

Do you like the tteokbokki? You must try this all-you-can-eat tteokbokki chain restaurant when visiting Korea.

Dookki Tteokbokki is the brand that shows the evolution of Tteokbokki which everyone likes. They have many branches so you could find a one near your hotel. The price is friendly and the quantity and quality are good. Especially, you could mix the spicy sauce fit your taste. Hence, many people love it!


Check their official promotion video first.


Name: Dookki

Time:11:00 ~ 22:00

Price: 7,900 won

Address: 163-19 Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul (in Hongdae)

163-19 Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul



_ _ _

They label how spicy for each sauce; therefore, don’t worry mix the sauce too spicy to eat. Just follow your own taste and make the ideal sauce for yourself!



Not only tteokbokki they also provide some fried food, ramen, and bibimbap. They also have a beverage machine.



There are so many tteoks in different shapes! Besides, fish cake, vegetables, sausage, and mushrooms etc you really have a lot of choices. Only 7,900 won is so awesome!



_ _ _


We could not eat too spicy so the color is not that red lol. The Korean girls sitting next to us really made the tteokbokki color so red! fire-red! (They ate them all, even ordered fried rice)

We tried to order fried rice after having tteokbokki, but we failed lol Too full to eat anything more.

Really recommend you have a meal here. It’s budget and tasty (shown in food TV program) 🙂


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