[Don’t go house-hunting in Korea without Hailey] Introduction

Don’t go house-hunting in Korea without Hailey
Moving every 1.5 years
During the first 20 years I lived with my parents, my family moved to a new house every 1.5 year. We either had to move because of dad’s office relocation or just because our lease was up or because my mom leveraged our home during the rising real estate market of 90’s and 2000’s. I didn’t really bother to clean up my room because we would move when we needed to do spring-cleaning.
Taking after mom’s love for real estate, my first job out of college was with one of the largest real estate developer in Korea. After the two years in the first job, I started subletting studios on Airbnb in 2011. There were only about 50 Airbnb listings in all of Korea at the time so my rooms were immensely popular. During the process of finding the best possible place to sublet, I gained more real estate contracting experience than anyone else.

Just a few example of places I sublet on Airbnb

Rented more than 15 times

So far in Korea, I rented 5 studios, 1 2BR villa(small apartment building), 1 goshiwon(tiny dormitory style studio), 2 buildings (consisting of 18 rooms total) and 2 office spaces. Also, I have helped 4 of my international friends find their home in Korea. I also was on the landlord’s side helping my parents rent their house to other people.

I found this building in its ghetto status, renovated to bring life I learned a LOT. My international friends complain how the housing market is so different in Korea from their home country. It’s not too difficult once you understand the system. Let me be the guide to walk you through.
Hailey’s House-hunting Tip Series
I will be covering these topics.
– Types of housing options (goshiwon, one-room, two-room, villa,apartment, officetel, etc.)
– Types of lease (jeon-se, wol-se, ban-jeong-se, short term lease, etc.)
– How to find a house (realtor, online websites, smartphone apps, etc.) and what to look out for
– How to sign a lease and what to expect of your landlord
Let me know if you want to know more about anything else.
Again, don’t go house-hunting in Korea without Hailey