Dongdaemun Sassy Tteokbokki (동대문엽기떡볶이)

Guys!! whenever travelling in Korea TTeokbokki is “A MUST TO EAT” in Seoul, Korea. But usually we will have it on the street or anywhere we can see it. But today we would like to recommend “Spicy Rice cake (Dongdaemun Sassy Tteokbokki”. It taste different from what we originally eat on the street and MORE MORE MORE spicy than usual.. So for those who are Spicy Lover try this tteokbokki shop… I grantee you will LOVE IT !!!


This company established since 2002 which they believe that tteokbokki should be handmade cooking with great pride in quality, it has earned a great response of our customers.


“yupgi topokki”, a quintessential Korean street food of rice cakes in spicy sauce. They make extra spicy, add in mini sausages and top with melted mozzarella cheese…When the cheese hardens just a bit, its texture matches the rice cakes perfectly, and also helps tame some of the intense, peppery heat

They recommend eating the steamed eggs to prep your stomach for some butt kicking. If you can’t handle the heat, add some cheese and mix well. And if you still can’t handle it, then deal with it!

Tip 1: A bit expensive at 14,000 won a serving. But it is large and serves 3-4 people.
Tip 2: Delivery available in many parts of the country. See official website for more details.
Tip 3: They also serve other spicy dishes (i.e. chicken feet, dalkdoritang, etc.)



Address: 서울시 중구 흥인동 117-9 (Original restaurant)
                 (Seoul, Jung-gu, Hongin-dong 117-9)
Closest Subway Stations: Shindang Station (Line 2 & 6)
Operation Hours: AM10~PM6
Customer Hotline: 070-4787-1990


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