How to use Korean Delivery App!

Ordering Delivery using Apps!

Do you remember our BucketList 10 things to do in South Korea? One of the things on the list was order delivery food, but how do you do it if you cannot speak Korean?

BnBHero will like to help you!

This is not a full answer, but we want to show you how to use the two most popular Delivery apps to order food!  So let’s order delivery!

The two most popular delivery apps in South Korea are Yogiyo and Baedal and Minjok- you can find an app for android or IOS phones, so be sure it download it onto your food!

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The ONE THING that you need to know is your address! So the first thing you need is to make sure someone can give you the Korean address of your residence!!

If you are staying at a HOTEL there are always plenty of friendly staff working to help you fill this section out! So we say take your phone downstairs where there is plenty of wifi, and have them help you order!

IF you are staying at a Guest House/Private Home and you are alone, it is more difficult! So when you meet your owner, it is CRUCIAL that you get them to save ON YOUR PHONE your home address!


  1. Download the APP

We go through some screenshots showing you what the App looks like, but both are very similar to each other and the steps you have to take are almost the same! Whether you prefer Yogiyo or Baedal Minjok is up to you!

As we go through the steps, Yogiyo screenshot is on the upside, and Baedal Minjok on the downside!

Startup Pages

The FIRST THING they will have you do is agree to let the phone track your location!  The Korean words is just saying that you agree to let this app use your location tracking services.


Baedal makes you do it twice sometimes…

And Baedal is a bit more precise, because it will try to confirm your location! You need to get as close to your home as possible (using the blue dot), so it is a good idea if you know exactly where you are!

(Need help? Make sure to ask the hotel or your host for your address!)

Browsing Food and Restaurants

What do you feel like eating?? Yogiyo has obvious food pictures as representative categories, while Baedal uses cute pictures. But they are pretty easy to see the difference! Usually you have categories for Fried Chicken, Chinese Food, Korean (Fast Food, like tteokbokki), Pizza, and other Korean Food (like jokbal, or trotter, sashimi, etc).

Our favorite activity is to go through the list of restaurants! You can see that for both yogiyo and baedal minjok you get a big representative of the restaurant on the left, and then information. Bolded is the restaurant name, followed by a small synopsis. You can see the star rating to see how other people have rated it!

(Sometimes the easiest thing to do is go for the restaurant with the highest ratings, but be careful! How many people have rated it? Getting a 4 star out of 100 reviews is much better than 5 star with only 5!)

Browsing Menu

Once you click on the restaurant of your choice, you will be taken to the menu!

Yogiyo is a bit more confusing because everything is written in Korean- what we really like about Baedal Minjok is that the top signature dishes is listed on top with photos, so that you don’t actually need to read everything! For example, fried chicken, or chicken with marinade?

Isn’t that the essential question??

Ordering Food

Have you decided what you want to order? On the bottom of the screen you can see two buttons!

For Yogiyo, the white button will automatically call the restaurant (If you have a Korean speaker, this is the best thing! Just hand the phone over and have them order for you!) The right button says “Touch Order” so you will have to order by the phone.

For Baedal Minjok, the right says “Cart”.

Confirming Order

For Yogiyo, the payment system is more simple! The first two to three lines is your address- this is why it is very important to know what your address is in Korean!

Save your address on your phone and copy and paste it into this section!

All the check boxes means you agree with the terms and conditions.

How do you want to pay? The first option is card, the second option is cash!

When you scroll way to the bottom you will see in red the total amount you have to pay! If you are satisfied, then you click on the red button- which is order complete!

Baedal Minjok is a bit more confusing, because when you click on the menu item you get the option of “adding to cart” (left button) or “order” (green button). It will give you the option of logging in with your account, through facebook, or look at the one in gray order as a non-member.

If you plan on ordering delivery often, we suggest you sign up for an account so it remembers your details!

As you can see, the first thing you have to enter is also your address!

You will decide how to pay! There is option to select cash. We recommend you to choose pay with cash or credit card on site.

Then you scroll down and check all the tick marks, and check your final order.

The final step is to click the black button!

This is not THE ANSWER to ordering food in Korea by Delivery, but we hope the screenshots have given you more information on how to use our top Delivery Apps!

With TripToday, Anyone can travel to Kora

No.1 in Korea / Private apartment, guesthouse booking

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