Delicated Cafe in Busan-Check in Busan

Check in Busan is a postcard coffee shop that allows Busan travelers to share with each other!!





“Check in Busan” is a postcard cafe where Busan travelers can make new friends and share their stories using pen and paper.



It is a warm place decorated and filled with heart-warming and cute small objects of Busan, where delicious brunch and coffee is served.


The staffs there can speak English, Chinese and Korean. Upon arrival to Busan, “Check in Busan” should be your first stop to drop by, as they can help you navigate our lovely city, help plan customized tour itineraries for you, and find exciting attractions and events too.

Also,helping travelers make new friends by putting cards with your own country name at your desk to draw other guests as a conversation starter.



Before you leave Busan, it’s the time to share with others about your trip here. You can share interesting stories, funny mishaps with pens and postcards from our store to share with your friends and family.


selling Busan souvenirs that can make meaning gifts for your loved ones after your trip to be reminded of the special memories you made while in Busan.


“Check in Busan” is a special place that was made with YOU the traveler in mind.

Our goal is for you to have a happy and memorable travel experience in Busan!

we hope our cafe will be a comfortable place to rest your tired feet during your stay in Busan as a home away from home!

Let’s meet in Busan soon!


Address: 부산 동구 동 광동 1 가 6-7


Exit from Nampo Station for 5 minutes.
From Nanpu subway station on the 7th exit only 3 minutes away,
From the subway Nampo Station Exit 7, walk about 3 minutes

Accommodation recommended in Seoul:
Stay in Korea / Private apartment, guesthouse & Hanok booking



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